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Training Your Mind to Rise Above!

Have you felt that many times you're not really using your whole creative power? Do you sometimes feel that your brain is in a foggy, apathetic state? Why do you feel like that and what can you do override those states?

The more you let yourself be driven by the erratic noise, full of contradictions, fearful headlines and just more marketing chaos, the easier you will be pulled by the inertia to drive your brain into a default mode system where you no longer have any power or energy left to think!

You simply want to rush your days to the night to rest, get to the weekend and numb yourself with more meaningless content, distractions or very poor options to eat! The last thing that crosses your mind is how you can activate your energy, how you can start eating healthier, reading a powerful book, be inspired to journal about your life!

And that is the life that more than 90% of the people is engaged with! Why? Simple, because they're the zombie generation controlled by the digital content displayed for them!

All the information promoted in the mainstream channels, whether it is tv, radio or digital media is designed to manipulate your emotions, pollute your mind with toxic content and make you believe you're powerless ...Unless you give in and buy the last product, drug, car, trip, etc. that will change your life!

The information that you really need to know about yourself to wake up your brain from the "toxic dream" is not in any of those platforms, it is more in your inner source energy that is just suffocated with content that literally works clogging your neurons and shutting down more and more pathways!

Your brain, neurons, glial cells, synapses, neurotransmitters and all of the amazing structures, molecules and signals that you can produce are not going to be turned on if you don't really require to think! If you are just going to be driven in automatic pilot to what the devices are telling you!

If you don't move your body, what is the point of raising your levels of energy, if all the stimuli, behaviors and activities are telling your brain and body that you're in standby mode! Then that is what you will obtain!

Additionally, if the kind of food that you're consuming is also made of artificial flavors, addictive sugars and toxic fats, guess what would be the result inside of you? Foggy brain, very low energy to move and anxious or depressive cycles of thoughts that can be running without wasting your neurons, without using all your structures in the brain and of course priming the most primitive regions to keep the zombie state on!

What can be the solution then to stop these toxic cycles and start being human again?

It is not easy, it requires discipline, you will need a lot of love for yourself and it is not going to happen overnight or in one week! Is not a sprint race and even if you have huge amounts of money, you still can do anything to get a shortcut!

If all that introductory information didn't demotivate you! Then you are a candidate to reborn and awake to the human experience!

It is a long-term ride, it is an awesome journey, but careful is not designed to be withstand for everyone, why? Not because they can't, but simply because they don't want to wake up! They're comfortable being taken away more and more into the zombie state that will be used in the future to control them more!

However, for the ones that really want to commit with the most important person ..You! The ride is about to begin and it starts by simply knowing that you brain, your body, your spirit and all the contents of them were designed to allow you to not only be human, but in fact they were designed to be super human!

Yes, you're reading accurately, in spite of questioning that word! Which is ironical, because when someone tells you that you have more abilities, you're really using a minimal capacity and you can really be a creator, then the first reaction is doubt! Why is that happening?

Because, you have been so programmed to doubt about yourself that is the automatic pilot answering, is the inner critic raising its voice! Therefore, it is time that you first start believing that you really have those abilities, that your body is designed for health and not for disease, that your brain is designed to expand and not to shut down or shrink!

So, let's start by giving the knowledge of the three primary regions of the brain and how do they work to give the experience that you want and not the fake movie that they're selling you!

Your reptilian brain or primitive region is just designed for protection, which of course is extremely important, because it will really work for you in case you need fast reactions to real threats and danger! Hence, you should be grateful for it and aware that it will turn on whenever you feel that someone or something is threat!

And that is extremely important for you to understand, a threat is defined as something real, that you can prove its existence and you know is dangerous, it is not something that you have the abilities to withstand, defend and eliminate! Therefore, start using your real capacities to question many if not all of the things that you might see in the media telling you that they're a threat!

Research more, question more and become your own healer, stop waiting for someone else to validate the information! As much as you're able to look for meaningless data in your mobile device about an artist, the weather or the location of the nearest restaurant! Start adapting yourself to research more about almost everything you're listening and start awakening again your critical and discerning power that you have to distinguish false or fake information from more reliable sources of information!

It is a process that you need to start doing it by yourself and no one else can teach you how, because everyone has different discerning abilities and beliefs! Hence, something can be reliable, healthy or encouraging for you and not for others!

That is the way to adjust your primitive brain to react when it really has to and not to everything you hear or see! Stop the deceiving game and take your controls back to empower your brain and create new pathways and you dive deep in the information!

The second region of the brain is the emotional brain or limbic system, this region is comprised by many structures that pretty much are designed to prime your emotions and drive you into toxic emotions if you let yourself be guided there!

Just like the first region, it is a matter of knowing that you have the control, listening to the profile of thoughts that you're producing, start extracting information from them, tracking the thread to the source, so that you can find out why are you being triggered or primed? What type of people, situations or things are replaying an old program stored in your body? When, who and why are those events being raised to the surface?

Everything that you're thinking has a meaning and if you start being more curious with the way you feel, you will start adapting that region too! To become more independent, more capable and certainly skillful to ease the emotions and let them be recognized, felt and dissolved into a more coherent, congruent energy that can be redirected to give you information instead of just driving you to be reactive and primed into toxic loops of thoughts!

If sometimes, you are feeling that you let pass more time than the one that you should have allowed and you already are experiencing a mood or a behavior that is counterproductive to your health such as anxiety or depression! Don't worry, you're still able to gain traction and heal yourself by simply allowing breathing exercises, journaling more about what kind of thoughts you're having! Writing questions to challenge them, letting them rest for a while once you have done the exercise of letting them out! And then coming back to witness them with a fresh sight that allow you to see that more than 90% are not yours and are not even real!

And I'm not saying they're not real to question their existence, I'm just saying they're not real, because most of the times they're overreacted, they're exaggerated and they're not even happening in the present moment!

That's another way to ease your limbic system! Placing yourself in the now, expressing yourself with more present sentences, dialogue and actions that are being done right now! If there's some past or future thought ruminating in your head, recognize it, question it and then let it pass! Repeat, repeat and repeat the same process until suddenly those thoughts will start to dissolve and your present moment will start to flourish more!

You can also use gratitude journaling to place yourself in the present moment and to allow your energy to transform into a more positive and productive profile!

Now, you're getting ready to step up into the final stage, the closing of the marathon! Knowing and being introduced to your third region, your prefrontal cortex area that is designed to give you the most powerful abilities to harness your attention to where you want, allows you analyze the scenarios, situations, people and information to extract what can serve you and to discard what is completely fake, a lie or simply not logical!

This is the critical reasoning that will wake you up into discerning the kind of thoughts, stimuli, behaviors that you want to promote to feel you loved, nurtured, accepted, motivated and alive!

Now, you're really going to have fun with your life! Now you're really going to experience joy, laughter, peace and connection more often! You will start being directed towards your inner feelings, your truest voice, your interoceptive skills (the signals of your body), you will really be connected with the highest broadband connection that will channel you with the source energy!

You will start to feel more driven towards nature, suddenly you might feel sparks of insight, awe and curiosity just like when you were a child and those are the most beautiful signals that you're being pulled to your truest and kindest energy! When you suddenly feel a rush of electrical impulses that literally boost your energy, take you into the flow and drive you to the peak experiences of your life!

This stage of awakening your prefrontal cortex and connecting more with your inner wisdom, will also be characterized by a synchronistic way of luring a different kind of people, attracting amazing experiences and opportunities that "suddenly" will start to happen! You have to allow yourself to be open, to believe them, to embrace them and to be extremely grateful to the extent that maybe you will feel a surge need to cry of happiness, to feel ecstatic and completely connected to what you're feeling!

Now you're living, now you're experiencing what is to be awake, now it is extremely easy to discern the toxic, meaningless and polluted information from the stream of wisdom that is really making you expand, become your best version and keep you in a positive loop of growth, connection and gratitude with life!

You will be humble enough to recognize that giving is a lot more gratifying than receiving, you will be pulled to rewire your brain and you will feel that you still have a lot to give, a lot to do and a lot to learn in order to be a role model for other people, but simply your presence, energy and narrative will be enough to infect other people with the spark of life, with the will to live and with the ease to love everyone that crosses your path!

Because, now you know that if they're in your space up until this awakening phase is because they're also connected more with themselves than with the fake world depicted by the mainstream toxic channels!

Welcome brother or sister to the life that we were all mean to experience and feel free to invite whomever you think that might be ready to be open, willing and decided to wake up and feel the creative side of life that is only experienced by the ones that are being self-recognized as creators of their own journey!

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