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How to Discover Your Purpose? Alignment + Vision!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Have you ever imagine living your life without any direction? Have you ever felt the destinations you have arrived are not the ones you wanted?

When we are born, we already know that we are complete, we are still part of that magical connection with our higher source energy! We still can enjoy the inspiration and the all of the synchronicities of life, mainly because we are still amazed and surprised that we are in this physical state enjoying many things we were craving for when we were energy in the universe field!

We decided to come to this physical experience and we already knew what was the mission, the purpose that we have in this short ride that we are going to experience throughout our lives!

Then, the question that is probably coming to everyone's mind is why it is not clear many times in our lives?

And the answer, of course, has to be simpler than you have always imagined!

Many ancient philosophers, scientists, inventors, have tried to answer these question with a lot of turn arounds and nowadays there's has even been the attempt to sort of train in you into finding your purpose when in fact, you have listened to it since you were a child, and you listened to it every time you let yourself be taken away from distractions and society patterns or beliefs!

Our inner voice is the whisper we need to listen!, of course, right now many people will leave the reading and say what is this guy talking about! I've never listen to that voice that is becoming so popular in spiritual teachings, in meditation practices, and many other platforms where they are trying to merge what we though we knew with the new insights and the new consciousness that is trying to emerge!

Your inner voice is nothing more that the perfect vibration frequency that you are able to pick up when you're in silence, is that "strange" feeling as you call it many times that you have a hunch, that you have a gut feeling, is your intuition pointing you in the right direction, however you started learning not to trust it since you were a child, sadly because many adults told you not to do certain things that you wanted to attempt or do, or because you had a thought of something there were not able to see or believe in it!

How can we be sure that this "inner voice" or "hunch" is the right choice?

Let's embark in a journey of quantum physics combined with some practical common sense to link all the loose ends that this story might have!

So far, if you got to this point of the article I will assume that you're interested in this realm of spirituality and science! Hence, if you remember your physics and biology classes of high school you remember that they explain to you that your body was composed of systems, circulatory system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, etc; and all of those systems were composed of organs such as your heart, lungs liver, etc; and all of those organs are composed of tissues, and the sequence will go on, because all of those tissues are composed of cells, and every cell inside has small compartments named organelles (mitochondria, Golgi apparatus, cytoskeleton, etc) and inside of those organelles we have molecules and inside of those of molecules we have atoms and inside of those atoms we have protons and electrons and so on ...until we get to the point to verify that we are all a void space made of energy!

Well turns out that the void of energy is the shared with every living being in this earth space! And this energy field in the level of atoms and particles is communicating every message from the universe with vibrations!

Therefore, all of these vibrations we can see them as whispers, that are being communicated through every cell of our bodies!

That's the reason that God or the Universe as you want to call that higher power didn't make a mistake in giving you five common senses to perceive many of the things in this physical experience!

However, it didn't make a mistake in giving you a higher power, which are your emotions!

All of your emotions, are made of chemical molecules, that have certain type of vibration, let's call it like that! And we are going to depict all of these amazing vibrational experiences with a clear example!

Once upon a time, John, came to his house defeated, completely discouraged, tired, overwhelm and of course sad! With all of these emotions mixed into a cocktail that was starting to produce inside of him a sore throat, and a very strong depletion of energy, inside of his body he had been releasing the following cascade of substances, cortisol, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine in excess!

All of these mixture of neurotransmitters have already acted upon many of his organs telling them that it was a very powerful threat that was hunting him for at least a month! But of course he had more than six months, feeling unmotivated and discourage, he just tried to numb the pain with alcohol, smoking, going out late to party! And buying things that were supposed to make him change his mood and his emotions to make him feel that he belonged in the social circle he tried to fit in, but when he was in those events where he supposedly should be feeling fulfilled and satisfied he wasn't feeling like that at all!

Well, the day that finally the symptoms catch him, and depicted a clear message!

His vibrational energy for quite a while (more than six months) had been attracting him to more and more experiences where he didn't feel valued, where in spite of the partial success that he had in his career as a vice-president of sales in a major food company, he was not completely happy, he had of course economical freedom, he was smart enough to invest his money is real state and have some safe income that he had to start feeling peace in his financial life!

Nevertheless, all of the financial freedom that he was feeling, the accolades that he received in his company and the "approval" he had from his team was not enough! Each of the last events he had to participate in, was more depressing for him, because inside of him there was a contradiction!

While he was physically feeling depleted, sick and completely exhausted due to all the combination of chemical neurotransmitters that were signalling all of the hormones to shut down essential functions and start working to defend from the threat!

The building up of all of those substances was the reason for him to become ill!

The internal vibration energy was in a state of entropy, disorder, and chaos therefore the vibrational station he was tuning in was matching the level of that vibration that is why he was having bad experiences in spite of the mask of success that he could have with the material aspect!

That fatal day, where he was experiencing so much physical pain due to the energy depletion and of course to the fact that he had been accumulating so much negative energy! Something strange started to happen in his mind! While he didn't want to check any news, media, mails or anything at all he was wanted to rest and recover!

In the space of all that silence that he started to have, he felt inside of him a spark of inspiration, he started to have flashes of most of his life at the company business, all the road that he had traveled so far to get to the position he had already achieved!

And just like when you see the trailer of a movie, he saw his life in perspective, noticing that most of the time, he couldn't even be himself, act as he wanted many times, say what he wanted and much less be able to express many ideas that he had been shutting down in his mind just to follow the procedures and protocols of the company, his boss and of course the line from headquarters that trusted him always that he good the right choice!

Right after he witness the trailer of the movie, he felt a very powerful feeling of motivation, he was starting to feel better through the day! And he just grabbed a notebook to start writing what he would love to do in his life from now on!

He felt a very powerful force that was almost dictating to him what to write, so he couldn't stop he started describing all of his aspects of life!

- What he wanted in terms of his emotional intimate life, what kind of woman would be happier with sharing each their passions, respecting the likes and dislikes of each other, sharing the successes and of course being able to be supportive in the failures, he was picturing as well a woman that would encourage him to be a better person with sense of humor and joy for life!

- He then described all the things he wanted to do in his professional life, what type of business he wanted to create, because he have had enough of the corporate world and now he wanted to be his own boss and dictate the kind of principles, mission and vision his company was going to have, he was just delighted to write all of the details of the company, the logo, the name, the vision just came right to him like a divine flash giving him all the clarity and details he needed to embark in the new journey!

- He then described the kind of wellness he wanted to have in terms of his physical health, emotional wounds he wanted to repair, and of course the spiritual path he had been attracted to, but he was not able to share at his job, because he was going to be judge, and left out from the circle he had!

- Finally he then described all the social circle he wanted to create, the friendships that were valuable for him to keep, the ones that were just going to be lost by themselves, the trips and places he wanted to go, the hobbies and time he wanted to have for his own personal pleasure and why not ....the family he wanted to build in a near future!

The takeaway ....

As we could see with the example of John, and how his life was unfolding into a series of negative events that he just, apparently couldn't control, he can clearly see that life is such an amazing journey, such a beautiful trip that we decided to take when we were just energy in the universe field!

As a consequence of that, we are always connected with that field, we certainly know our purpose since we arrive to this physical experience but the domestication that we have along the way with many of the trajectories that others want for us, many times end up disrupting the connection we have with our inner voice, with that powerful message that we were tuning in when were a child!

Therefore we end up taking roads, detours and deviations of our track that if we are careful enough to stop, pause and reflect on them we are going to shut down the noise, and we are going to be able to distinguish the voice within us! That is whispering, but if we pick up the signals, and start creating more momentum in the vibrations that we want! Then we will create a stronger connection that will have a higher speed and frequency and is going to be present in our lives more and more with synchronistic events!, with the right people at the right moments, with the right messages that we need!

We are all born as creators of this life, we just get discourage, domesticated and distracted with the noise down here, but if we decide at any point in our lives to listen!

We will be able to discover our unique purpose! And it is in those moments where you have clarity that things will show up in the physical form that you are expecting to have!

So, just decide, just listen, and just act upon the vibrational field that you want to create and let your powerful light guide your way! Because that light is your divine thread that you share with the higher power!

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