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Building Resilience Through Vulnerability!

Is it the turmoil of the external environment? Is it the uncertainty that is still in the air? Why are so many people still engaged in patterns of anxiety, depression and feel completely vulnerable?

To every experience in life there's always a big underlying reason that sustains the core of the problem, however many times judgement is still something that humans have not yet figure out how to face it or simply not to take personally!

Nowadays, practically everywhere in the world there's a sense of division, judgement, lack of certainty and of course stepping in each other's boundaries due to pandemic state that all the world has just experienced and the suspicious trends on new drugs, vaccines and regulations to still control the fate, way of thinking and even the biology of many individuals!

We could agree although not everyone has the courage to share that what appears to be the only constant everywhere is the raise of confusion, the exacerbated emotions that have been cooking for 14, 16 or 18 months depending on where you're living and when the restrictive measures started to cause an effect in you.

In spite of the trending health advices given by the authorities, that in my particular point of view have completely lost the credibility, reasoning and strategy to implement different kind of measures to control a suspicious disease that has been in the atmosphere since the first strong mutation of the influenza virus probably ten or eleven years ago. It is still ridiculous how the streaming news to infest people with fear and keep the "plan" ongoing is allowed, even seeing now the mental health effects that all this lockdown measures have imprint in the majority of the population worldwide.

From toddlers that have delayed the ability to speak, to children having rage responses, teenagers immersed in their devices to cope with social isolation, adults peaking their emotional burnout to measures that the body has never faced! Everywhere, is passing through something in spite of some people that completely know how to handle external changing conditions to a degree where they can almost say they're completely immune!

And what is the secret for that new breed of individuals that is also being shaped as you read?

Well, in my own experience, based on research and of course in history! The best tool to face every chaotic situation is learning to build resilience, embracing your own vulnerability, knowing what you're feeling, letting yourself be guided by your own wisdom but paying attention to almost all your internal signals that some days, they speak to you with love, some days they just speak and in the "difficult" days they scream for your attention or simply they give you a more visual symptom in order for you to believe that is real!

If we all want to take this experience in the most positive way, if we really want to use all that positive energy that is also being generated throughout this existential crisis and that nature is leading the symphony to give us the best examples to follow! Then, we firstly need to start raising our awareness towards all the positive things in spite of not finding them as quickly or available in the major stream channels, fortunately for us there's now a wide, extensive variety of streaming options to allow you to grow, to help you know more about yourself, to guide into the path of hope and give you the tools to initiate you into a completely different kind of life that from now on is the one that will really serve you to the future!

While we have been adapting, enduring and many times suffering to all these new restrictive experiences, nature has been busy healing every single aspect of the unconscious ways that humans have damaged so many sectors, species, spaces, food sources and even interactions of their territory.

If you happen to live in your own small world without many times realizing that you're surrounded by extraordinary extensions of natural resources, animals, insects, air, water, trees, flowers, a variety of beautiful expressions of the sky, different phases of the moon, an immense array of oceans with huge amounts of marine species, etc. All of these amazing set of companions has been with you all along giving the best homeostatic ability for you to survive in this Mother Earth!

If many of those species keeps extinguishing due to the human unconsciousness, we as a species also would very quickly cease to exist.

Ironically, all that natural world, has been using all this time that we have been away to expand, heal and recover many of the lost species, to find again connection with their own pups and reclaim some of their territory now that we have ceased to invade them with noises, toxic food options to feed them and mainly polluting their sacred environment.

Those examples in itself are playing in the background many lessons of resilience that we're also able to take on and start using them in our own life.

If externally the rules of the game changed, that is just now an excuse to start knowing the rules of your internal game and acquiring the proper knowledge to expand them, to allow you to grow, to pick your inner wisdom and signals in order to regulate all the chaos that has been generated simply by letting yourself be driven with the spectacle of fear that is being produced by many major companies and individuals full of greed.

It is now a time to go back to many of the basic principles that in previous generations, seasons or history episodes we have seen that worked perfectly well to have a greater collective consciousness that can start shifting the future of the earth!

As humans we have the capacity to use all our neural engines, pathways and connections create a different set of responses that can have a higher level of vibration, that create more internal coherence, that allow us to identify when to switch into an internal focus mode to cope with any chaotic experience that the producers are playing in their own screens!

You have your own internal screen, you're the only one able to produce your own movie and get to choose the actors, the settings, the music and of course the dialogues to build the future you have been waiting to enjoy.

Detailed investigations of resilience mechanisms have implicated alterations in specific neurocircuits, epigenetic mechanisms, immune pathways, and microbiota-related pathways.

For instance, allostasis is an adaptive process designed to maintain homeostasis, while allostatic load refers to the “wear and tear” on neurobehavioral systems resulting from repeated stressors that outstrip the body’s homeostatic processes (1).

Resilience can be understood as arising from the particular allostatic responses that are generated in an individual following stress. The concept of resilience as a process that requires integration of multiple central and peripheral systems, ranging from specific brain circuits to humoral factors of the immune system and changes at the interface between the brain and the periphery (the blood-brain barrier).

As stated by research our capacity to recruit our internal power not only resides in the mind but also in many body processes such as your immune system, your resourceful allies named microbiota (which encompass bacteria, fungus and some viruses) as well as your core DNA material through epigenetic mechanisms (which mean the turning on or off of certain genes to produce the required proteins and messengers to cope with the external changes).

This is just a great example that we have a variety of resources built in our systems, that probably have lost your attention for many years and that are there for you exactly for those tough times that life will also have.

What is the only requirement from your side?

Let's begin to add an important aspect that will lead to ignite your attention in the most subtle way to allow you to start stepping in the new path to build your resilience and start transforming your life into the new conscious way that is being evolving while you were distracted.

One of the most powerful factors influencing vulnerability is that of childhood trauma and maltreatment, yet even under these extreme situations, we find subsets of resilient individuals. Individual differences in the capacity to recruit prefrontal cortical control systems to regulate affective processing by the amygdala and related structures mediates a child’s response to maltreatment (1).

Compellingly, children who experienced maltreatment yet were able to regulate their amygdala responses to emotional stimuli were relatively protected from developing depression compared with maltreated children who were less able to regulate their amygdala responses to such stimuli (1).

As highlighted by research evidence all your life experiences get to contribute to the stronger ability to generate resilience, which is the first place where you have to begin to travel this journey. It is extremely important to recognize that vulnerability, all those messages, examples, emotional scars and all the baggage that you have been carrying around and that most likely it is one of the biggest reasons for you to keep sabotaging yourself or playing the same old song over and over again.

However, in spite of the trauma that you have experienced in your childhood years, now all the lessons, experiences and maybe poor examples will start to serve a purpose to allow you to be more vulnerable and at the same time using that vulnerability to generate resilience!

It is in our new destiny as a society to start healing, to recognize that most of us suffered painful experiences, some more extreme than others, but now the ball is in our court ready to be played with a different set of moves, with new skills, with a higher consciousness that allow us also to connect with others in the same path and ask for help and to navigate a healing journey that in the end will start to connect to the dots of a more cohesive society that will be raised in a completely different set of values that can shift the future of our beautiful and beloved Mother Earth and also will allow nature to merge with us to give birth to the new breed of humans that will finally acknowledge that we are not alone and we're here to contribute, evolve, collaborate and expand together as one expansive collective energy source!


1) Murrough, J. W., & Russo, S. J. (2019). The neurobiology of resilience: complexity and hope. Biological psychiatry, 86(6), 406-409.

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