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What If the Answer to Chaos is Within You?

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

As evolution has proved throughout the history of humanity, the calm, peace, balance and homeostasis will be reached! Sooner for some individuals, later for others and sadly some will just stay in the same spot trying to obtain comfort and solutions from the external sources, which in time, they will also find out, that there's nothing external they can consume to achieve a peaceful, healthy and loving state but finding it inside of you!

Often through the course of our lives we’ll engage in several cycles, depending in the outside perception that we give to things, we practically follow instructions from parents, family members, friends, teachers, society systems, and of course if you were obliged to follow some religion, all those mixture patterns and instructions will blend to give as a result a new individual that probably can be ready for the future and allow some independent thought that disrupts many of the beliefs and ideas early in his life or will simply fit into the majority mold! Those are pretty much the choices most of humans have!

What would be the result of a growing and evolving human being?

Most of the times his/her evolution will be deeply influenced by the amount of reflection, insights and for sure action that he or she takes on his/her own journey! Challenging many times what he will encounter as messages or patterns from the outer environment others it will simply be busy with the everyday demands and chores practically being pulled by the inertia and popular opinions, “not having time” to stop and pause.

That doesn’t discount the fact that he/she will be successful according of course to the parameters established by society, but inside there’s a great possibility that a void will be felt, that something will seem as if the puzzle were missing a piece, why? Because, he/she has been living in “automatic mode” not being able to really question if what he/she is doing really fulfills his/her passion, his/her purpose!

That “small fact” will trigger once in a while some inner itching voice, sensation, gut feeling, whisper or whatever you want to label it, which is his/her own heart trying to reach some listening signals so that the inner purpose can be fulfilled, to give some enlightenment, to inspire some action to start going deeper into the layers of knowledge that have been building up through time and probably also might be leading to emotional burden that soon could be triggering certain kind of chronic disease!

Nevertheless, I can assure you that many times during your past experiences and years of lessons, you have been trying to assemble external pieces, people, experiences, even political or economic factors to justify your actions or behaviors and you’re very certain that somebody or something has the fault of how you have been developing your own life!

That is one of the main traits of living a programmed, unconscious life, you’re the only one that has been the recipient of all the misfortune events, bad people and tragic circumstances which led your life to simply being what it is! Something, you’re not really proud of and many times you feel guilty or you regret several decisions on your life, also using the word “if” too often to point out that your life could have unfolded in a different way “if something” or “if someone” wouldn’t have existed or done something to you!

Why most people engage in this endless game? Do they really obtain some kind of comfort from this behaviors and way of living?

Actually, yes! Plenty of people that live life in that way, are addicted to calling attention, they have signed a long-life contract to play the “victim role” in their movie, which also was not chosen by them, it was assigned as a punishment of a past life, that’s many times another type of excuse they are extremely skillful to give or use in order to not be responsible of what happens in their life!

It is also an “easy way”, of course for them, to justify any mindless behavior or selfish way of sucking up the energy of people around them, which in the end they don’t know that is reinforcing more the cycle and, in the end, they will be left alone or sadly they will generate a lot of resentment and guilt in others that kindly take on the rescuer role, which will replicate the circle and spread the virus of victimhood.

Pretty much that is a fact that has been happening among more than 90% of families around the world, there’s almost always one victim in the family that turns out to be the energy vampire and to the ones that are also not being conscious of those facts, they will take on the role to make it last longer!

It is until they realize their own internal damage, the spread of negative energy to other people and the fact that they’re practically alone that will probably start noticing some hint of ownership and hopefully engage in the path to change and of course heal all the emotional burden within them!

What can you start doing to help them realize the emotional drain that they have become?

Truthfully, the only thing that you can do is go on with your life, allow yourself to not be permeated by their energy and start detaching some time from them! So, they can engage in a process of reflection, by you engaging in a more fulfilling life, demonstrating that you can go on with your life do a good job, handle your own wounds, heal your own relationships that’s the best example you can give them as well as predicating with actions what they need to also start doing!

Once, they see that their tools are no longer working, once the attention that they gain by playing the victim has no effect in you and others around them, that’s when they will start most likely asking questions of how can they handle certain specific emotion, symptom or hardship! Which is also your best opportunity to just point them to where the information is or giving them some book, audio, movie, meditation to allow them to start the journey of their own healing process.

As much as you can be lured to do more, be strong and resist the temptation of engaging because you’re not really helping them by running again to their first attempts to try to get out of the chaotic state that they themselves chose to be!

On the other hand, why are we so ingrained and programmed to look for the solutions outside?

Well, simply because we have lived under the spell of conditioning messages, patterns and emotions that created a bubble of replicating toxic cycles, trying to live life comfortably but mindlessly and many times just like human zombies instead of human beings!

The word that defines is the key of many healing tools, discoveries and stories that will be highlighted to you, that will now in the surface for you to notice them and take action on the emotional messages, patterns and start getting triggered to get out of that comfort state and decide to walk an uncomfortable but freeing path that will take you to a different level of living, that will start to open up your senses into a higher fidelity and frequency to be able to propel into the direction that you want!

Once you start witnessing the beautiful freedom that you will start generating from listening to your own inner messages, changing completely the way you have lived you will be able to find the doors, to attract the opportunities, to be literally a magnet of the people that you need to be surrounded with and all that new bubble of wellbeing and consciousness now will impregnate you with the proper energy to sustain the stamina, the rhythm and the vibrational level that you need to pursue your true purpose in life!

This enlightening path, might appear as the most challenging, but believe me it is the most fruitful that you can start choosing. By taking that choice, allowing yourself to pay attention to your own internal wisdom, you will also realize that your physical health will start to change, it will be transformed to a whole new level of events, knowledge, discoveries of your true abilities that will surprise you day after day by giving you also the confidence to continue through that path.

Moreover, sooner rather than later you will start finding yourself taken into the direction of more knowledge, more guidance that you need to be open to it, even if some months or years ago, you wouldn’t even imagine consuming that kind of information. That’s the most gratifying sensation that will also take you to the path of placing yourself in a gratitude state, which has a side effect to open your heart wisdom, to synchronize your brain with your heart, to start allowing yourself to be taken to the pharmacy of wellness and building new chemicals, connections, expansion within yourself in order to make you feel completely whole!

It is until you find yourself in the position of appreciating your own inner world that you will be able to wake up to the life that you were meant to live, not the life that some other people wanted you to live.

Those are the moments where you can verify, that you had all the answers to your problems, that your divine nature is on your side supporting your journey, opening the new roads, pulling your attention to the right kind of messages and you finally will placed in the oracle of creating your own destiny. Being able to really prove that you had the key to the secrets and the secrets were hidden inside of you, in your heart, in your body wisdom, in your interoceptive messages, in improving the capacity of all your senses and tunning them in to the right frequency, allowing them to pick up the high fidelity that is a straight line to your higher-self and your divine source of wisdom!

Don’t let the mindless distractions, the constant efforts of social media and news marketing to distract you from path. Also, beware of those moments where you are playing the victim trying to find someone or something to blame and reclaim your attention to own your life.

We are being taken to the most beautiful stage in the history of humanity a wake-up call to a higher collective consciousness, so take the leap and we’ll see each other walking the same path soon.

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