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Are You Really Taking Care of Yourself?

In a society driven by a superb amount of information, distractions, ways to separate, ways to distract, creating endless labels to justify the evident disconnection of people with their most important guidance that is inside of themselves!

The effects are obvious and they are just a minor issue considering the external turmoil, nevertheless that is something common throughout the history of human societies, external circumstances pretty much have always been disruptive and full of controversies, and sadly filled with lots of negative vibrational emotions!

Which in the end, we are all contributing to that kind of entropy in the external world!

Until we learn to do the one thing we came here for! Taking care of ourselves!

Knowing more about us, diving deep into the layers and understanding our amazing tools that we have within us and probably you have never realized the full power that is "hidden" inside of you!

Our lives are constantly giving us cues, insights, pieces of information that we should really take advantage of, however we are oblivious to plenty of them due to the fact that we are constantly distracted either in other people's life, in social media platforms or just living your life in an autopilot mode!

How many times through your day, you're able to remember what type of words are you using? What type of thoughts are you fostering? Which were your most predominant emotions? What kind of actions did you take?

Just with the information of one day, it would more than enough to give you a very decent amount of cues, insights and information to get yourself in track again! To perform a better job your next day! To be able to improve into a better version of yourself gradually without pressure and just being able to really tap in your inner world that is full of information!

Don't you think that if you did that simply ritual of remembering the most important events, thoughts, emotions, actions you would be more aware of all the things that you're speaking and acting?

Instead, the grand majority of people, just leave the days to pass by, without noticing very important details that were giving you the signals of the decisions that you were supposed to do, leading you to the opportunities and doors that you should have been ready for!

A very hard consequence of not paying attention to what happens in your life is just the reflection of the things that you don't want to see anymore in your life but that they're there persisting and in a silly kind of way you think that life is punishing you, you are desperately trying to blame others, you're complaining about the external circumstances, politics, government, family members, friends, etc.

That also naively you think is a result of someone else's plan to detour your life into struggling situations, when in fact there's only one simple thing that you could start doing right away! Be responsible! Own your life and everything that is surrounding you!

Because you're the sole creator and editor of your own life! The more you engage with your ability to be in charge of your life, the faster it will all start to change!

Additionally, it will be your wiser choice to start realizing and accepting that all that is present in your life right now, friends, family members, circumstances, money issues, health issues and emotional imbalances have all been created throughout your life by your own choices, in spite of trying to look outside for answers or worse to blame anyone you won't really find much answers or real solutions there!

Once you pass the coming stages of denial, defensiveness, rejection, complains and excuses and you run out of choices in those repetitive and disempowering loops! If you really want to flip the outlook of your life you will start the upward emotional process of vibration! Finding probably in the way frustration or anger, which is fine, if you really keep moving upward to find hope, compassion and empathy with you!

Through those emotions you will then be able to find your way through accepting everything about you! Embracing yourself as you are with the flaws or mistakes that maybe you made but with the knowledge and commitment to not repeat again the same patterns, situations or limiting beliefs!

Opening your consciousness and mind to engage in a journey to discover a new personality, a healthier path, a compassionate accepting and loving feeling for all your journey, for who you are, start building the steps of the ladder towards recognizing your value!

Once, you walk that new path of trusting yourself, knowing more layers about you, falling in love with you! It's going to be easier to accept the change, the transformation, the commitment that now you can start doing with yourself!

What will be the key to take this process into a real transformative process?

That will make you reborn like the mythological Phoenix bird, that will be able to turn the ashes of your experiencing into fuel, energy and stamina to sustain your flight!

  • First, you will really need to be able to work through the emotional painful situations that might arise to the surface, in spite of being ignored for so much years, be humble, be attentive, and also have some grace for yourself through the process! Witness all the experiences now as an observer that is able to see the story without so much emotional attachment and more with the objective mind to find the lesson!

  • Second, become aware of your inner assets, reveal the power of them, listen to your inner voice, to your heart wisdom, to your intuition, attune yourself more to those gut feelings that you're having and now you're able to notice the hints of the situations, people, distractions, toxic information and disempowering circumstances that you no longer desire in your life!

You will start to feel bathed in a warm feeling of satisfaction, acceptance, gratitude that will consequently ignite the signals to generate a coherent wave of healing homeostatic state that will propel you to make those signals louder, wiser and more synchronistic in your life to give you the right guidance that nothing or no one else can give you!

You will also recognize that is your higher version or higher self speaking to you and now you will be able to finally embrace your full potential to thrive!

  • Third, pave the way with a vision, start working with your inner vibrations to generate the new story of your life, narrate with enough detail the way you want things to change! Be careful, to do it in such a way that you allow good feelings, the moment you start feeling negative emotions, stop the process and leave it in a general state!

Don't worry about the "how", just focus your mind to bring into your attention the things that you want to happen, that you want to experience, that you want to feel!

This is where the magic will start to do it's job of also changing your inner chemical cocktail to give you the proper neurotransmitters, hormones and even changing your microbiota profile to generate a protective and empowering inner shield to also motivate you to care more for your body health! For your emotions, your information consumption which all will start to be shaped into a wellness lifestyle that will support the physical endurance that you will need to travel the new road!

Those three blocks of practical tools will start to take your life into a new direction, which finally will start to make sense in your life and most likely you will also start to feel a powerful inner connection that will make you feel that you were born to live that kind of life!

The other experiences will know be able to be felt just as the learning trampoline that gave you the impulse to pursue the new emotions, the new experiences, the new connections with a different like minded group of people that also will contribute to your external environment.

Beware that also you will need to be able to look for more empowering information, experiences, social support that help you create a bubble of protection, but also allow you to keep being strong with the remains of experiences and turmoil that is constantly being left behind!

You will know be able to feel worthy, feel that you deserve more, that all is settling down and that your best years are about to come, to flood your life with the positive feelings that probably some months or years ago seemed a wishful thinking and were probably even in a fictional stage process for you!

Suddenly, the pieces of the puzzle of your life will match and the image that you want to see will become clearer, brighter and more sharpened than ever before!

That will be the biggest proof that only you were able to adjust the frequencies, to tune in the right channel to receive all the blessings that the Universe was just saving for you! And now they have been released with the power of your allowance, acceptance and open mindset to feel them, attract them and replicate the experience as much as you want!

Finally, here comes the biggest challenge! Sustaining the same type of thoughts, emotions, behaviors will only be possible if you work in you! If you engage in a continuous bettering process that will foster the same environment and will also surprise you even more with synchronicities, beautiful experiences, amazing encounters that will appear in your life.

We came to this experience so empowered, connected, tuned in that the journey won't be difficult if you just let the resistance and excuses behind! If you believe in you and if you constantly care for you!

Once you have balance in your life, now there will be space to depict with your own example, to inspire others along the way and you will be a lot more congruency, tools, lessons and inspiration to guide others into their own path!


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