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The Abundance of Love: Reflect Your Inner World!

Foto by Hernan Pauccara.

Do you still believe that the world that is being broadcasted in news is real? How often do you feel discourage for all those toxic events and news that they take so much time and effort to portrait? What if there's another reality that is a lot more like the one you wanted to experience in this physical realm?

There's an incredible power within you that is constantly showing you how to do the things, that has an extremely expanding sequence of events that portrait collaboration, cooperation, complete empathy and help within the context of growth, improvement and expansion! Yes, I'm talking about your body and how all those experiences that you are blessed to live through your senses are translated into a language of chemistry, energy connections, electrical impulses, joyful vibrations every time you're letting yourself be taken by the power of your positive emotions!

On the opposite side whenever you foster just the negative, lower vibrations and you constantly choose to expose to streams, social outlets or people that intoxicate your life with complains, criticism and victim mentality you're creating inside of you a state of chaos, incoherence and confusion inside of you that will also slowly start creating toxic loops of thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions that will attract and reflect that state!

As simple as a mirror effect! The way you feel, the things you experience are exactly most of the times a match to how you feel whether you want to accept it or you keep trying to look for people to blame, excuse yourself or deny how you're feeling!

Hence, the Universe or God (whoever you believe in) never makes mistakes and the universal laws are far less complicated than the world we have been trying to create with so much control, incongruences and sometimes sadly plenty of lies!

One of the main reasons that everything starts falling in an unbalanced state is just because we let selfish emotions to inundate and rule our system, such as envy, ambition, competition, comparison, complain, judgement, lack, separation and rejection! Whenever you let yourself be led by any of those emotions, you're just luring the chaotic and low vibration frequencies in your life and as a consequence you translate all those external random or chosen and disruptive stimuli into a poor chemistry, low energetic and incoherent vibrational signaling loops that most likely will start to create epigenetic marks, wrong signaling pathways, overwhelm and turmoil inside of you!

If, instead of choosing random stimuli you just decide that you really want to experience a different quality of life then you first will start to create inside of you a powerful desire to feel differently, then that desire can shape into a more powerful intention that will start in turn to ignite the power of being more conscious to the kind of stimuli, thoughts, people and decisions that you're taking in your life!

Continuing with that scaling vibrational structure, what you can start doing is very simple, it will be split into small pieces of action that will start to slowly but continuously creating a higher frequency until you start noticing the effect in your life!

1. Start your days by setting one to three things of how you want your day to unfold, whether if you have an important meeting, an interview, an encounter with your loved ones or you have to complete certain kind of assignment, visualize it happening, embrace how you want to feel and also briefly describe the end result you want!

2. Reflect about the things that have happened in your life, even if they seem challenging, try to see all the events with more objectivity and less judgement towards yourself! Find a more loving way to let go and forgive any mistake, failure or struggling situation that you had with anyone with the peace of mind that you don't need to save up those emotions inside of you! And the easier and faster you release them, the better you will get back to balance!

3. List two or three positive things that happened in your day, as small as they are, see them with a mindset of gratitude and appreciation. If you don't find positive aspects in any given day, just reframe something transcendental that happened and look for the meaning of the event or struggle! Remember that sustaining a gratitude attitude will always raise your vibrations and allow you to shift your mood into a more productive outlook for any future event!

4. If you're passing thought a very difficult time, again try to look for the positive aspect of the situation, for the meaning, lesson or bridge that particular situation is bringing into your life! Remember that life is also full of events that will bring us contrast so we can really appreciate the simple things that where all around us and we were oblivious or neglected many of them!

5. Finally, go deeper into any kind of emotion that you know you have been saving up and trying to say that you're fine! All the resentment and any guilt event or situation that you're trying to cover up or showing strong to others is just something that will eventually come out to the surface and of course not in the best scenario or symptom! Always reflect that every emotion you don't let go has to find an outlet whether it causes a good feeling or whether it causes a disruptive signal translated into some chemical/energetic imbalance that can certainly produce a chronic disease and of course a cascade of chaotic consequences!

Our universe and I stated as “our” because we’re all cohabitating in these energetic field that it is vaster than your imagination and endlessly full of possibilities, opportunities and chances to realize that your life is as abundant as the kind of inner thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviors that you’re constantly promoting inside of you!

You were given an amazing array of antennas, to tune in the high-fidelity frequencies, however, you also can pick up some noise and interference in your life, and the idea is to start growing inner skills to recognize that noise inside of you and transform it into power, energy and coherence as soon as possible!

Can you just imagine being so stubborn to leave your car radio in a frequency that is just having noise? Would you be able to leave your tv, or wi-fi signal to constantly give you the worst image quality without saying or doing something? I don’t think so! If people nowadays don’t even have patience to watch some educative content for more than three minutes, let alone they would stand something that is pure noise!

Then; How come when it comes about your life you passively allow to imbue yourself in toxic content? Why do you allow people to pollute your senses with negative content, criticism, comparison, envy or any other toxic emotion? Why do addictively look for platforms to feel bad, compared or disappointed? Why do you trust what the news says if you already know, can prove and verify that more than 90% of their content is designed to prime you, infect you with fear or depict a sad chaotic world so you decide to attract more of that?

Every single time that you find yourself being guided to that kind of incoherent behaviors or that you notice that you’re self-perpetuating a thought that has a lower vibration, allow yourself first to breathe! Take a pause and question yourself why are you doing it? And more importantly trust your intuition to let yourself be out of those cycles of disempowering stimuli!

We’re not designed to be puppets of the environment; we certainly and intuitively know what is good for us and what is harming us, however many times just for “comfort” or laziness we let ourselves be handled by what other people want us to believe when no one knows exactly what is going to bring you into balance unless you really pay attention to your wiser advisor that is always there for you and that has a high-fidelity connection with your higher self! Yes, you guessed it! Is your heart the one that will always give you the right advice at any present moment in time!

Let yourself be immersed in a different world full of collaboration, cooperation, empathy, compassion, constantly growing and evolving to give you the most amazing experience of this physical environment and produce the movie you were born to release!


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