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What Is Success? Shaping Your Own Definition!

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Since you were probably in your elementary or high-school years all the pressure to achieve began, turning out assays, homeworks, assignments, weekends doing school stuff, etc. All to be part of the so called "school program" to comply with the requirements of the multiple institutions, society standards, being approved by boards, etc.

Nevertheless, all of those milestones and objectives were never your own desires, and most likely, they didn't really work for you as "everybody" thought they would. Ironically, what happened through your mind was that many of those assignments, homeworks and assays didn't even have a real meaning in your life! You were not able to see the purpose while you were doing them, but you were losing precious time of your most powerful connection with your inner wisdom and you were fitting more and more into the mold that society wanted you to fill.

Additionally, you started developing a really hard pressure on yourself, labeling your efforts according to others, feeling discouraged, because you had more abilities in other aspects, but not in the ones the school system was bothering you with. And from all those negative feelings that you started to develop you suddenly were having physical symptoms, probably some type of rash, anxiety, depression, gastrointestinal diseases or the new labeled mental diseases, such as deficit of attention (ADHD) or hyperactive disorder, etc.

Then, a subsequent step in order to treat those symptoms, was you spending several visits at the doctor's office, and starting the other disempowering pathway, consuming antibiotics, corticosteroids, or mental pharmaceutical drugs to treat something that was created by the same vicious cycle, that we all have lived since more than ten decades. All those imposed demands of parents, family, friends and society to comply with an ideal of "success".

Yet, almost no one makes a stop to really ask themselves, if what works for everyone has to work for you? What if you were meant to have a huge ability and capacity to create new things or you had amazing art skills or you were born to discover your talents in another kind of platform, and probably being able to discover those skills at a younger age, giving you the opportunity to already know which was your purpose and version of success in this lifetime?

Isn't that such a waste of time of your life? Do you really believe is fair that someone else dictates what is success for you?

  • Moving along in your life to your adult stage, have you ever wondered what does success looks for you?

  • What are the things that you would like to achieve before certain age?

  • What is the kind of life and time that you want to have, to be able to share with your couple and children?

  • How do you envision your mature years of your life?

  • What kind of financial freedom do you desire?

In this new stage of life those are the questions that are going to be a lot more relevant to the way you choose to live your life, rather than what is the square root of 652!, to name one of the questions that you would were probably asked in the school system!

Answering those type of questions is going to make you think about the future that you want to start designing in your mind, in spite of probably having 12-18 years old, you are completely able to imagine yourself as an adult and depict the life that you want to have!

Those simple imagination exercises without putting you in a stressful feeling or making you feel pressured, will create the sparks of intention that as you move in your life you will probably start having a lot more clarity than many other folks of your age!

That kind of deep reflection in serious life choices and designing your future will even increase your ability to expand your inner neural pathways to create a solid ground where you might be able to walk in a near future, it will also help you to witness some scenarios earlier than others and take a quick turn or be able to decide for yourself once you're faced with turning points in your life!

The next stage to design your success is in regard to the skill set that you already have within you and probably you haven't even noticed because you've been to busy satisfying others people needs and demands. But of course, that is the purpose of young people according to the society, right? Fulfill the rules of schools system, society and parents without questioning almost anything?

Well, turns out that is another huge lie that we have been facing throughout decades!

Beware that I'm not saying is ok to be a rebel to everything you are encounter in your life or to the advices or guidance from other people! I'm just raising your awareness to be more curious and question more what people suggest to you, as well as noticing more what kind of intuitive messages you're receiving from your inner self! From your heart, which is your most reliable compass to give you the right direction and advice you need in your life!

Continuing through that path of reflection in the inner skills, let yourself be taken into a new direction by trying to answer these set of questions and just go your first answers, as those are the ones that will come from your truest inner self!

  • What are the innate skills that you have noticed in yourself?

  • Which are the things that you really enjoy doing and time seems to fly?

  • What are the social activities that you completely enjoy and want to more of them?

  • Which are the things that you really don't like doing and time is eternal?

Once you have performed this second reflection stage, you will have a lot more clarity what success looks to you! Now, you will be almost ready to face whatever is coming and also attach more meaning to the things that you will do in your life, despite the fact that some of them will probably be just some requirements you will still need to fulfill in order to get to the other side of the road!

And here's where things can get trickier and you will have to be wiser to choose what is best for you in order to achieve the successful life that you already thought about!

If you really answered the set of questions above, you will be able to have a very accurate picture of the life you desire! That per se, will give you a huge advantage in terms of defining what would be the best steps to take for your own sake and be less willing to give in to please others, to fulfill the dreams that many imagine for you but more relevant to have the discipline, constancy and endurance to may be perform some duties, work or things that but for some time you probably will not completely enjoy but you will be able to see them just as steps of the ladder that you need to climb to then shift to where you really want to go!

Therefore, you will be able to arrive to the third stage of the journey that is anchoring the success to your identity, seeing the things in spite of not yet having them physically, thinking from the end goal and going backwards!

To understand better this last step, just follow me in this short example!

Let's say you want to be financially independent at the age of 40 or 50 years old, and at least not worry about needing a job that you might not enjoy, be able to freely choose what to do with your life in terms of now really choosing what you love, what you really desire to do, what you have a passion and for that may be you will have to accept a job in the range of 22 to 40 in something that probably is not your passion but will leave you a good amount of money! That for sure you will need to be clever to invest it in something that will give you after a return of investment that allows you to live from it!

It can be real state, it can be company stock shares, or any kind of business that has reliability that will be sustainable through time, in order to do that you will need to read more about those kind of investments or better yet be friends with someone that has done it and can give you some trustable advice!

Just with those simple steps, then at the age of 40 to 50 years old you can start to design your passion and also make some income from it, although you will not be desperate to obtain it as you already have a solid ground to feed your entrepreneurial career! Or simply start your passion and enjoy life sharing your inner real skills with the world that for sure will really appreciate your unique touch and wisdom for what you love to do!

It is time that we take the other road less traveled, where only the ones that want to take risks get! Because, your life success is made by you, is never dictated or established by anyone else! Only you will be satisfied and happy with what you do in your life and what you really enjoy from everything that surrounds you!


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