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What Kind of Life Do You Want? Reflective or Reactive!

There are some moments in our lives where we feel that we deserve more, that life should have more spice to inspire us to pursue and give more, moments that the job we are performing suddenly doesn’t seem to fulfilling, where we feel that we’re just being driven by the motions of others, and when even the social circle that we had starts breaking down!

It is in those moments, that seem dark, sad and filled with struggled, where the transformation spark can be fully ignited, if you dare to go deep into the layers, if you start using that fragile sense of feeling vulnerable, and turn it into a flame to mold and shape your new self!

Through navigating in certain actions, encounters, jobs, relationships, trips we can find a lot of wisdom about our own patterns, choices, and of course arrive to the core of a reflection process that is screaming at you to be initiated!

We have been given an immense opportunity to widen our horizons into a more reflective life, instead of keep being a domestication end product of the society, primed to react! If you kept some of your rational mind during the past two years where the whole experienced a shaking phenomenon that had just two effects on people: It might send you into a reactive mode and lured you into being more unconscious and diligent to follow and believe instructions delivered by fear! Or it awakened your inner rational mind, help you be more in charge of your life and less worry for the external noise, which is the reflective mode!

All of our lives can be lived in those two states, sadly for many people they just choose the reactive mode and those are the ones that make suffering their brand slogan to live blaming every circumstance, person, event or external cue for their “bad luck”, they even desperately look for their past lives to justify that have to pay some kind of karma, when in fact they don’t even understand that this life is being validated by all those endless efforts to look for more tragedies!

The other kind of people, balance their lives towards a reflective mode, not fantasizing that they can be “perfect” and never react, but being more grounded into a life that is more a self-creation, rather than a “punishment”, they are more positive, they look more for solutions, they usually don’t just follow instructions but have a more rebel spirit, sort of saying, they’re more aligned with listening to their own intuition and experience their lives in a more flowing state than in a depressive, reacting way!

Many of us have experienced both sides also, which it is also a great choice to simply test what feels more comfortable and what feels more like a burden, that certainly we didn’t choose to carry throughout our whole span of time in this earth.

What are some of the factors, signals and experiences that can help you to change sides?

  • Well, certainly, suffering a loss of any kind, job, couple, parent, child, etc., is one the major activation buttons that can send you to feel completely powerless for some time, which ironically, if you happen to tap into your body’s wisdom, will allow you to listen more to your wisdom teacher, your heart, which will start to whisper you some cues, to follow down that road of pain and start priming a reflection experience of your life!

What do you have to lose, it will say to you? You’re already feeling down, vulnerable and powerless, so why not taking out the trash completely, to allow a detoxifying experience, although you might not know the purpose just yet! But that is not your job, fortunately, now that you have decided to listen, it will be the Universe/God or the Higher Power that you believe in, that will take the how into its hands and uncover it for you!

By engaging now in the process of reflection, you are tapping into the most powerful human brain experience which will be traveling through time, you will also witness many of your wounds, characters in the movie and you will be able to see them just as they are! With their flaws, wounds and pain that they were also carrying, when many of those experiences happened in your life! Doing this recalling experience, will not only free a lot of emotional pain that had been stuck within you! But it will also prime your learning journey through detecting patterns, beliefs, choices that can be now perceived clearly and allow you to evolve into a new version of yourself that will be lighter, stronger and more resilient for the next challenges that life might bring you!

  • A second triggering factor is developing a chronic ailment, disease or being scared by a false diagnosis, in general has to do with your health! When our health is challenged to a level where we also experience that sense of being completely vulnerable, helpless or frustrated because we also know we had already been given the opportunity to pay more attention to our body, we will also be guided into the powerful exercise of reflection!

Every cell and organ in our bodies is also trying to speak up, to be listened and for sure to receive a more nurturing experience, than the one you’re probably giving it, the main issue with health problems/imbalances/symptoms, is that we tend not to listen until they’re in full screaming mode! Sadly, many times when this happens is “too late”, although several too late scenarios are completely reversible, if you just dedicate your full attention, energy and patience to get back on track!

So often, when any of these health outcomes is being cursed, we are forced to slow down, to be more conscious in certain aspects and that opens a window of opportunity, for your inner voice to speak up as well! Hence, this is also a great chance that you’re having to step up and analyze your whole lifestyle, and while you’re doing that why not envisioning a completely different way of living where you also have a more supportive social circle, where probably you re-assess your professional life and look for alternative venues to pursue a different career or creative endeavor. After all, it is very common that your anxiety, fearful state and scarcity mindset kept you in the job that you have for quite some time, until you started to develop the disease that now is giving a second chance to choose a different path!

We really don’t need to wait for any of these circumstances to be repeated again, because if you have already been given the alert that you’re able to choose something that aligns more with you! Please, give yourself time to lay out a plan, in spite of not being able to change something right away, give yourself the opportunity to plan it for the next three to five years.

Believe more in yourself and also gift yourself with the time travel experience that you can identify many of the limiting beliefs that are keeping you in a job where you certainly are not valued, or in a relationship that has shown over and over that is toxic and is just destroying your health, because you have been blinded to accept it, and of course because you’re also mirroring certain childhood examples of your parents.

Just lay out a very simple question when you experience some of the anxious moments that create negative imaginary consequences, what is the worst that can happen if you leave that job or that relationship? What is more valuable to you, your inner peace and health or the appearance that you have a job or a couple?

  • Finally, the third factor that primes reflection, is the fact that your life has become completely boring, meaningless, and you feel a constant dragging experience when you have to get up and live another day! Yes, as harsh as it sounds, there are several individuals that suffer that syndrome of being completely unmotivated with their lives! And at certain point of that depressing journey, they just realize that they want to change and live a completely different experience.

A life that makes more sense to their new outlook that keeps coming back to them, but it hasn’t been listened, is that aching pain, that is felt at the beginning of the day and at the end of it. That many times is numbed with also a very toxic lifestyle, that includes meaningless relationships, usually encouraged just to pamper the ego and find small dosages of pleasure, it also has certain addictions that can range from smoking, drinking gambling or be less painful like social media or their busy work! And why not, it is also accompanied by a big dosage of very low self-esteem that reflects in the weight, poor self-care measures or even simple hygiene, and the cherry of the cake is a constant cranky mood that is completely reactive to everything, justifies many of their careless actions and blames everything and everyone around them!

A very common characteristic of these people that let themselves by infected by a “caged” life, is that their talk is usually full of complains and repetitive toxic decisions, that several of their friends are already bored as well and many of their coworkers have also been infected with this kind of toxic mood and then it multiplies to create a toxic workplace!

The silver lining of this spiral, of course is that it will also prime some of these individuals to change the course of their lives. Which in this case, usually as the “mildest” factor of the three, there’s less anxiety to rush the change and there can be a more planned date to end the caged life and begin a soul journey to discover a new purpose!

As you can see, by the factors and environment that will impact your life with a reactive way of living, all of them have a sour flavor of feeling that your life is more like a punishment, a tragic dark journey, a payment of past struggled lives or a repetitive sequence that completely haunts you every morning until you’re far deep into a depressive mode.

On the other hand, giving yourself the amazing choice of reflecting about your life, without entering in the category of any of those three factors, will not only prevent you from suffering by choice, but will also open a completely new way of seeing your life as a creator, producer and director, instead of just a chosen victim character that has no choice but to accept its destiny.

We are all blessed with this amazing physical experience, so why wasting it into something that probably you never signed up for, at least not in a conscious way! At any point in our paths, we can pause the movie, rewind it, learn from it, make some trimming editing sequences to observe in slow motion the patterns, beliefs and characters that we need to let go!

Embrace your life now, before you become more programmed to believe that you don’t have a voice in your own story!

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