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Learn to Create a Congruent Life!

Living in an era where there’s a lot of mayhem, chaos and overflow of stimuli certainly has a big price which is following the herd and starting to numb the great intuitive power that we have inside of us!

When our lives begin, we are programmed to follow the examples of our parents, we are guided by the actions that they perform, as our brains are still in early stage of development of the prefrontal cortex region, there’s still some gap in our reasoning in terms of being more critical and able to separate the information.

Nevertheless, there’s a great power inside of us to be connected with our most divine wisdom, which is of course our intuition, we have an amazing ability to sense what we want, to feel more present with the moments and to perceive the world in a more readiness state than living in the past or worrying about the future. Of course, this is an inherent skill of children, because they don’t have too much past experiences to return to, they have the amazing ability to let go toxic emotions quickly and adapt to the next moment in time.

Finally, they don’t have that nagging inner critic voice developed whispering disempowering messages about the future or creating fictional scenarios about something that has not happened yet, it is hilarious when you explain to a child the concept of worrying, how it doesn’t even make sense for them!

All those beautiful connections with their inner being, with a truer identity, can be taken advantage of, and should be used to start helping them, guiding their emotional radar to a more expansive ability to recognize each of the emotions that they can start feeling, explaining them how they can start moving forward from those emotional states that can be pervasive or can create toxic cycles that they in the future, will start to replicate subconsciously just because they were not mentioned before, because it was a taboo, because you as an adult were too busy to spend some quality time with them and reflect with them about their world.

The interaction between parents and children in a context where they can share their worlds, reflect together, feel connected is what every single child should have in order to start raising a more acute sense of self-awareness, that can start simply with questions that allows them to remember what they did at school, trying to elicit some information and allowing them to shape a memory of the things that they have been doing.

If you just engage with your children about what they have done in the previous hour, at school, asking them about their breakfast, meal or food they have been consuming you will start to wire in them a sense of recalling the information, in a way that they will be constructing more awareness, developing more inner power in terms of the attention that they have in the things that they are doing.

Those types of exercises, repeatedly will become, the layout to create a sense of congruency in terms of what they want, what they are thinking and what they’re doing! In addition, to give them more sense of control, responsibility and observing a sequence that will help them to see the consequence of their actions as well!

This type of work that can be focused with children to start raising teenagers and adults that have more common sense, more inner trust, and of course, that they value their own opinion, in a way to check in with their bodies and feelings before taking some unconscious action or decision.

Moreover, this same type of work can be performed by you as an adult, if sometimes in your life you have a sense of feeling lost, overwhelmed or energy drained!

A true sign of loving yourself is being able to carve out time to reflect, to witness your life from an air view as if you were watching your favorite Netflix series, does it feel scary, painful or you just keep procrastinating do it? Well, that is the best indication that you need to do it as soon as possible, you can even start with ten minutes per day, where you just isolate yourself to go back in time, at least to the previous six months or a year, to simply see if things were falling in the place that you wanted! To check if the goals that you said the previous year that you wanted to accomplish are real and manifested now!

It is completely normal to experience, fear, doubt and to sometimes activate that itching voice of the inner critic that judges you or make you feel inferior. However, you’re now responsible of guiding that voice and mold it into a more compassionate one, that helps you thrive instead of feeling stuck and just nodding to shut it down. Every time, you let that voice keep the lane of self-destructive messages, lower your inner worth or make you think that you’re doomed to stay in the same place! Repeat this dialogue: “I know that you’re here, I understand your pain and I comfort you with warm love to let you go” the moment you receive that voice with a different approach, with a more loving empathetic response, those are the moments, that the voice will have no choice, but become less loud, be deflected to another time, until suddenly you will realize that the voice is no longer there!

The more you start feeling at peace with the process of reflecting about your life, attuning your body and mind to sense more your intuition, and replace the voice of the inner critic, the easier it will be to know replace it with your new clear and loud voice of feeling connected with your inner self, having more ease to activate your congruence and then it all will be downhill!

Feeling comfortable with who you are, being able to journal about your past wounds, letting all those critic voices to shut down, is the magic that you need to awaken more and more awareness to live your present moment! Develop an acute sense of having more attention for every feeling and sensation that you’re experiencing, to create a more coherent and congruent effect in yoru external life!

Which are some of the consequences of living more connected with you?

  • Not being prey of unconscious behaviors that are just followed by the vast majority, but don’t even make sense when you really question them more!

  • Owning your self-worth in your hands for what you think, feel and do without the compulsive need to be approved or accepted by others!

  • Having a healthier social awareness radar that can help you detect people that are really interested in you and not just using you as a transaction in their plans or as the last resource to their boredom!

  • Attracting more and more the things, people and circumstances that you have dream about as you’re stepping away from resistance, conflict and contradiction within yourself!

  • Feeling safer in terms of understanding more about yourself and not just engaging in any kind of trend, marketing shining offer or shutting down your voice to fit in!

  • If you are a parent, you will be a great example to your children of how to be more in connection with their feelings, they will feel that they’re in safe space to speak about how they feel and you can create a very empowering, eye-opening conversation with them, that is going to guide them more into knowing themselves, what they want and what they like, which in the end is being aligned with themselves!

  • Stop worrying so much about chaotic external events, which doesn’t mean that you don’t care, but instead meaning that you can focus on the things you can really change that are in your own power and by doing that, you’re also helping others around to be impregnated with a different energy from you!

After all, we all have our wisdom hidden inside, ready to be discovered, understood and appreciated to the point that we can resonate more with a different world to be healthier, more empathetic and filled with people that feels worthy, appreciated and loved by the most important person in the world, themselves!

If they can get to that point without the ego involved, which many times is activated by the external noise and demands, then for sure we will be able to become more compassionate, empathetic and loving with the ones around us!

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