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Balancing Out the Energies: Yin & Yang!

How is the Universe being balanced? How is every single energy interaction contributing to increase the enthalpy (order) of the system? Are those chaotic events and sometimes extreme energies also shaping the new world? How does the masculine and feminine energies contribute?

The endless space of the Universe, the forces of nature, the wisdom of every heart beating on this planet earth, the emotions that we're constantly generating are always building momentum in the system whether we see it or we still need more perspective and attuning abilities to perceive it! We're being led to a new stage of life where no longer certain dichotomies such as the masculine and feminine energy unbalanced will be sustainable! Where, the ambition, greed and abuse of power will be something that also will exemplify success or prosperity!

More and more we're seeing how the old models and cliches are being torn apart by themselves, as a consequence of the universal order and the power of the divine wisdom, we're reaching a point where if you have had certain time to be more introspective, if you have dedicate time to know yourself, for sure you certainly can perceive and distinguish what happens in the external world depicted by the media and you know that the real story is just completely different for the awakened people that are more concerned on helping, knowing themselves and living life by their own terms!

Jeanne Achterberg (1990), in her book Woman as Healer, describing how women have always been connected to their intuitive inner voices when working with the healing powers of nature. This intuitive voice speaks with heart, compassion, caring, and love. These archetypal qualities are associated with the wisdom of healing traditions that flourished in matriarchal cultures since the beginning of recorded history. These traditions honored the earth, the moon, and the transitions in the life cycles: birth and death (1).

Women energies as pointed above have that amazing power of connection as they're the givers of life! As they have that inherent connection with the most amazing universal wisdom that is interconnected with the earth, moon and of course the infinite power of the divinity! They have fundamental pillars that nowadays need to be fostered more and more to propagate a culture based on the heart, led by compassion and love which are two of the strongest forces that will literally heal the planet as you're reading!

Why is this feminine energy balance needed, more now than ever?

Never assume anything and although the answer seems pretty obvious, might not be for everyone, hence the qualities pointed out above, heart, compassion, caring and love! Are the counterparts of the qualities that have been spread and fostered since more than two centuries, violence, separation, abuse of power, manipulation which happen to be the dark or immature masculine energies that have been trying to construct a fear-based society mostly based on lies about pretty much every single topic that concern the general public!

Let's just begin with the huge amount of misinformation in the health system, such as the poor and toxic food that has been intoxicating more and more people, provoking spikes of chronic diseases, to nurture its evil partner the pharma industry, that tries to appear as the hero. But nowadays has been so exposed that more people is opening the eyes to not buy into their lousy spells broadcasted as marketing emotional movies trying to show you the life that you can have if you consume their product, but speeding up the pace where they speak and narrate the side effects which would be longer than the advertisement of the product they're trying to sell!

All the misinformation in terms now of how to handle a simple disease, that if you know a little about the biology of the viruses, you will certainly be able to distinguish that this particular virus was not nature modification, it has tailor made with a purpose of installing a new economic system, that has been discussed for more than a decade! Many of the propaganda, "expert measures" were designed to isolate people, breakdown small local business and the incongruencies are far more than the reality of the harmful effects of the disease!

These are just some summarized recent examples of how that immature masculine energy has reached its breaking point, and now it is time be balanced by the divine and universal power of love and compassion to begin with!

Can you even imagine a world where people foster collaboration, caring for others, kindness, compassion and love?

Are any of those characteristics ringing any bells inside of you? Because, you have a perfect model inside of you that is working 24/7 giving the best it has so that you can be able to sustain your physical experiences as best as possible!

Yes, I'm talking about how your body, your heart and your brain work all the time for you without complaining, comparing themselves, fighting with each other, demising its value and most of all doing each one of them its job without a transactional mindset! They're always cooperating with each other, in fact when one of them is having some problems the other one is pitching out some chemical alchemy and electrical vibrations to compensate for the lack of balance in the other, the only problem that they have is that the owner doesn't seem to care what is happening inside when he/she feels the unbalanced situations!

As humans, we have been conditioned to believe that all the solutions to our problems are outside, when the answer has always been inside of us, is always whispering for cues, tips, new pathways, but we're extremely distracted with the show business playing in the surface and many times being deceived by our senses that are just antennas to pick up certain signals that can align you or misalign you!

Claude Levi-Strauss, a noted anthropologist at the turn of the century, wrote extensively on the law of opposites based on an interpretation of cultural survival through a culture’s knowledge of and sensitivity for maintaining balance and respecting the laws of nature. These laws, expressed in language and rituals, reflect masculine/ feminine energies, including dark/light, sun/moon, and sky/earth. In Oriental traditions, they may be described as yin/yang. Carl Jung described the human psyche through these feminine/masculine energies as expressed or repressed in all human behavior and as a driving force in human nature (1).

We have had so much wisdom to be many times forgotten, taking it just lightly or over the surface, when in fact all those ancient enlightened beings that have passed through this physical experience as well, have always tried to guide us to a different perspective where we recognize the value of the inherent assets and qualities that we were born with! Instead of trying to programmed into a mold to fit other people's interests and just to fulfill an imposed purpose to claim the marketed way of success!

If we just pay more attention to the different presence of the masculine and feminine energies when they're in their mature form, when they really can take a stance to be role models of growth, then we would certainly heal, first as individuals and then for sure as a society!

Some examples of those mature energies in the feminine and masculine gender are:

Masculine Mature Energy: Protection, direction, stability, clarity, certainty.

Feminine Mature Energy: Intuition, surrender, sensitivity, nurture, openness (2).

If we start with the female energies, we can clearly see that all of them are the ones that will open the door to the other aspects mentioned earlier from the ancient feminine wisdom, and just taking some of them to reflect on, I would start with the intuition and surrender which are exactly what is being perceived in the new era that we're beginning! We're navigating an experience of recognizing all the wrong energies that we have been tuning in with and allowing to surrender to self-compassion and grace to recognize all the healing path that we need to travel to sustain a new direction!

As you can see in the last sentence there's one masculine energy that will be key in its mature form to give space and clean the road for the other feminine energies that need to come through such as openness, nurturing and sensitivity, those three will be the leading edge to create the new world, being open to receive now a real nurturing healing vibration that will allow us to grow in sensitivity and be more empathic with other people in spite of them playing in the immature form of the energies, understanding their struggle but having a compassionate, loving way to guide them!

Following up with the masculine energies that now we will need to be supportive of the feminine leading way! There's clarity, protection and stability, these triad of energy systems have to be promoted, nurtured by the feminine power to achieve the stability that both genders are looking for! And, if you give a little time to sink in, you will realize that clarity will be one of the main masculine mature energies that will start to be depicted more than ever during these times! You just have to be open to see the truth and for sure you have to invest some time into knowing yourself first, so that you can be able to recognize the signals, that are showing up more often than ever right in front of your eyes!

Additionally, you will need to rely that the new masculine energy of protection is also coming strong, and we will be more protected than ever if we also show some respect to our inner intuitive guidance systems, which are our emotions!

The more we pay attention to the emotions that we're feeling, the easier it will be to know where we're standing and what is the direction that you have to take!

Therefore, the new playbook is just being displayed, certainty has to be fostered each day, as we stand in the clarity of balancing the world for a much better and safer place to cohabitate, we will start to see more amazing examples of congruency, openness, nurturing, sensitivity, compassion and for sure the way will be led by Love.


- Luck, S. (2010). Reflections: Balancing Our Feminine and Masculine Energy. Journal of Holistic Nursing, 28(1), 79-80.

-Warren Jessica. (15th January, 2021). "Feminine & Masculine Energy: How Do They Show Up for You?". Medium.

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