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The Science of Love: Heighten Your Life!

Is it just a feeling? Is it just relying on someone? Is it what the media says it is to lead you to buy more and feel the void? Or Is a lot more than that and it is the most powerful force on earth that can change the way we see everything around us?

Love has been in the mouth of countless civilizations; it has faced a huge variety of meanings and of course it all depends on what perspective you're looking at it! Most people tie the concept of love to a relationship to a partner, child, parent or relative! However, the spectrum of this powerful feeling expands beyond that narrow concept and it entails a wide variety of internal processes that begin to ignite a cascade of chemical messengers that act on many metabolic and neural systems within you!

Whenever we feel the attachment sensation or the bonding to someone, we start releasing some of the most powerful hormones that will produce a chain reaction inside of us and will enlighten many areas of your neural system known to regulate our emotions such as the nucleus accumbens, the ventral tegmental region, amygdala, the hippocampus and the prefrontal cortex! That symphony is being synchronized by the notes of the pharmacy being generated inside of you that encompass dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and noradrenaline to create a blissful state where you literally fly in the clouds thinking life couldn't be better and also being able to place yourself in the gratitude spot that will start to also allow you to be more compassionate, empathic and patient with everyone around you!

Additionally, inside of you there's a big synchronistic event happening where your heart start communicating with your brain in a perfect coherent way and they both start working as team instead of competing for being right! Those synchronistic events create a wave of electromagnetic vibrational patterns that will enhance practically every function within you! From boosting your immune system to awakening your creativity to start believing more in yourself and being able to see things with a different set of lenses that will give you a much more positive outlook on how things can be instead of just relying on the pessimistic model that probably you had before feeling those sensations that you would love to sustain for more time!

Nevertheless, not everything is as it looks in the external appearance and this heightened state has also a deadline that science and research has stated that in the best case scenario can last for 24 months in some exceptional cases it can hit the 36 months' timeline but once that mark is passed the neurochemistry starts diluting and your neural regions start also become used to the feeling needing a wider hit of those chemicals to probably keep that blissful state!

On the other hand, there's a much brighter scenario to not only rely on these chemical events and blinking regions of the brain and it is to cultivate a practice of loving yourself, loving kindness and practicing synchronizing your heart and your brain to also boost your internal immunity, metabolic processes and enhance your neural activity!

If we learn how two of the key players work in these intricate labyrinth of signaling systems, we can start to tap into a very reliable proactive practice that will start to allow you to create many of these heightened states without just being dependent on one single event such as the attachment or bonding with a partner!

There are multiple activities that you can start designing to ignite the power of love within you and help support the system of enhancing your internal chemistry to create a powerful synchronistic cycle that can be your inner spa session to indulge yourself in a session of self-love to fill your cup, to start motivating yourself and to also create a stronger positive outlook of life!

So why not dive deep into some of the powerful activities that can generate those heightened states and design your oasis without just depending on external aids!

1. Build a strong social network. Your social activities with friends and new connections has been shown to stimulate the release of the dynamic duo in the creation of these powerful loops (oxytocin and vasopressin). Can you just do the effort of remembering a pleasant gathering with one or more of your friends where you completely lost track of time and you were just immersed in the positive feelings, the connection and the motivating talk with someone? It is in those moments as well as when sharing an experience to release the bad feelings and just be empathically understood where you start to boost more your inner power and feel the sensation that you're accepted, you belong and of course you recharge your emotional batteries to face the new forthcoming challenges!

2. Aligning with Your Inner Purpose. Every one of us at some point in time has performed certain work activities that just don't seem to turn on the fire within us, there's a lack of passion and of course that leads to a very discouraging state where you fall into the toxic behaviors of complaining, criticizing, comparing and competing. However, daring to look for your purpose and being able to schedule some time during the day to do it, even if it is on the side for a few years while you gather courage and momentum to launch into the adventure of doing what you love is what will keep you connected with your inner guidance system. As we live in a material world we need certain tools and assets (money) to create a lifestyle that can be sustain our true purpose in life, if we have clarity that what we're doing at the moment is just a bridge to the your next move to fulfill your passion, you'll be more than happy to comply with the activities that sometimes seem just energy draining!

Of course, this requires that you have a target date where you're really going to commit with yourself and fulfill your dream even if it takes some years to build a platform that can be a solid ground to do it! Aligning yourself with that purpose, with your true passion also leads you to the release of those two hormones that will create motivation, stamina, discipline and allow you to sustain positive thoughts throughout the journey!

3. Detach from You and Connect with the World. Several times through our lives we think that our circumstances can be very challenging and we don't deserve what is happening to us. However, when we take the observer place in our lives and start being so selfish as to think that life is just being hard on us, instead of really owning the fact that everything that happens is just a consequence of past actions or thoughts, then we will be able to connect with others, to talk about other things and see their lives, do what they do just to see that every kind of job is worthy and has its complications as well as appreciating everything that we're not able to see because we're too immersed in ourselves!

Creating that powerful empathy connection with others that we might not know well is what leads to generate compassion for what others are suffering and that act of compassion will lead to feel gratitude for your life, to feel blessed and to start seeing things more objectively instead of placing ourselves in the victim seat thinking that life is hard on us or god/universe is punishing you.

Those simple actions will lead also to lower your cortisol, to regulate your stress and to be able to motivate yourself to get in action and start reactivating your life to propel into a new direction of owning your life and creating what you want!

Whether we want to simplify it to just one simple action of attachment or we want to see its broadening spectrum of activities, love has several purposes in our human experience, one of them of course is tightly bound to social activities and as nowadays those kind of activities have been reduced, there’s for sure a consequence that has to be experienced in order to understand that we are social beings, we are all connected and eventually as we’re doing it to adapt to this new paradigm of the world we’re now able to create digital connections that if not as profound as the physical experience they are at least ameliorating the negative effects of social isolation.

Therefore, now more than ever we need to create these types of rituals that allow us the connection that we yearn, the affection that we need and the bonding that we can generate we practically anyone in the world due to technology connections that can serve a purpose of designing a new reliable source of igniting our powerful signaling systems that will sustain us through these challenging times!

We’re also designed to have a high degree of adaptability, hence it is time to step up and own this new society that is forming to be able to cope with whatever might come, the more we dive into our inner knowledge and wisdom, the deeper we’ll master our higher connection and ignite the power of our hearts to generate a coherent wave of synchronistic events that will certainly have an impact in the future generations to come!


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