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The Power of the Unknown!

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

How much fear or anxiety do you develop by not knowing what is going to happen? Your answer will depend more than 90% on the type of influence that you're having by the program of your caregivers, by the patterns and beliefs that you have been conditioned to believe!

Why? Because one thing is for sure! Very few people, can really predict what is going to happen in the next moment! Therefore, we all have always lived in the unknown and yet we all have been fine by not knowing exactly what is going to happen!

Moreover, if we're speaking on a broader level we certainly can't control many variables that are there and they will be there, we should get more used to the idea that the external is not only our doing! But the way we choose to perceive the things that are happening, that is completely under our control!

Let's assume that you already did your homework of cleaning up plenty of the perceptions that you have about many things!

A powerful exercise that you can start doing in your life to control the clarity and level of perception is just placing yourself in a moment of your life that had a positive outcome although things didn't seem quite happy at the beginning!

For instance, many of us have been through the experience of losing a job, which is certainly something not pleasant at the beginning, however as time moves on, we're picking up confidence, we might try to do something for ourselves, start a new business, embark in a different path, and by starting to move the energy, most likely what will also happen is that you will start attracting the attention of employers, giving you the opportunity to come back to work, if that's what aligns with you of course. And there's a good chance that it will be a lot more fruitful than your previous job!

Or better yet, probably that business idea started to give hints that it was going to work and you decided to follow up the thread, and suddenly you became an entrepreneur, which can be something that maybe many people around you will criticize at the beginning or they moght try to discourage you, but by not listening, things can start to turn out to be amazing as well!

This, was just an example of a struggling situation that at the beginning seemed terrifying or tragic, but in the end, everything started to fit in the right position and it turned out to be a great opportunity for you to change, evolve, learn new things, grow you arsenal of skills and the most important silver lining is that you began to trust yourself more!

How trusting in you, can shift the unknown into your best opportunity to grow? We're moving now, into the main idea of all this unknown paradigm, that we have let ourselves feel fearful or doubtful of our own abilities and skills, just because we were also programmed to needing to know what is going to happen in everything we do in our lives! However, surrendering the control to a higher force, opening up to the energy of the universe and acting on the things that we really can control, is the only thing that is going to allow us to shift, and start detaching from the brain connections of the primitive brain, that are designed to protect us from danger. Allowing us to use a new circuit in our brain named "prefrontal cortex", which is the one that will gift us with a more empowering picture, which is the pathway that we need to feed, in order to gain trust in learning a new skill and do something better with our lives! Additionally, realizing that the only constant thing in the Universe is change, will give us a different profile of emotions that will help us be more empowered and trustful, that we can, we will be successful in this new challenge, that probably is being presented to us as a threat, but that is just the mask or disguise that people that want to manipulate our minds want us to believe, the underlying message is that you have being given your power back! All of us are being presented with a huge opportunity to finally know our deepest desires, to listen a clearer voice within us, to engage in discovering new skills that we didn't know we have, to appreciate all the people, assets, devices and things that we do have in our lives, to experience gratitude from a deeper insight and connecting with nature in a more profound way! Many of us were completely disconnected from the inner qualities, we were disconnected from nature as we were being reckless, oblivious and not at all mindful of all the benefits it was giving for us! But now, we are experiencing nature with a more transparent view, with a peaceful rhythm of life, even with a yearning desire to be outside and in touch with the sounds of birds, with the playful games of squirrels, with the falling of the leaves and shifting of a new season! I really think that many people was simply astonished of all the shifting events that nature is gifting us with, by showing us how they also missed their natural habitats, how all of the animals and sentient beings missed being left alone and they needed this time to recover from all the selfishness and reckless behavior that the majority of humans were having with mother earth! Hence, and for all those reasons, the new beginning that is being marked now by this pandemic event, should be recognized as the birth of a new human species that will embrace the unknown as a gift, that will trust in themselves, that will shift their consciousness to a more self-empowered feature, but that it will also have developed compassion, empathy, and awareness for the things that we can do, how can we positively impact others, how can we shift the energy that we're having just by shifting the perception!

A New Era Has Begun! We're officially being received in a new fifth dimension that we will extensively talk about, one of the biggest assets now, which is knowing clearly who are the people that were trying to implant something in our minds. We certainly know that social media, news and other platforms were just designed to distract you from your life, were meant to drive you towards anxiety, depression and many other chronic illnesses because you decided to pay attention to them! Now, that you have been detached from superficiality, so you'd better be grateful! Because now, you know that you don't need a fancy car, a huge house, a shiny new device, and much less a full wardrobe of expensive clothes and accessories to look "amazing" according to the magazines and media! You can finally love the way you look by being yourself, being "simple", being truthful to you, you are lovable because of you and not because what you are wearing or showing off in the streets or in your media platforms! All that anxiety to buy the next new thing, all that eager desires to acquire more has just being vanished and it already lost its appealing, because you know you don't need many of that "stuff" for anything other than showing off! Other than "proving" society standards that you're trendy, or "in"! Thank God and the Universe all that selfish phase is disappearing as we get ourselves be welcome into a much more meaningful stage in the history of humanity that will be lead by authenticity, simplicity, honesty, transparency, compassion, empathy and of course the most amazing force in all the Universe ..Love!

We are facing a beautiful shift in the energy of people, that as we move more in the stage of being indoors and just going out for what is really necessary, we are starting to be more aware of all the things that we had, because now we have had time to clean our houses of clutter and many things that we were not even using, we are embracing the concept of simplicity of having what we use! Another big leap that we're doing is about using the resources that we have to encompass all the needs that we have, meaning we're becoming resourceful with time, with activities, with tools, devices and gadgets that probably we were not squeezing as much as they could to give more for less! Adopting a new mindset about the way we look, being more conscious and responsible with our health, as no one wants to get sick now! Well, that's just driving people to eat better, to do at least one walk outside or sometimes even two sessions, which is incredibly amazing for many people! Even finding the need of hugging a tree just for the energy shift that you want to have! Some spectacular things that I have been able to witness from my clients, for the people that follow me and for the people that I see outside when I go for a run! All of those examples are just the beginning of a new society, new human beings that are more responsible for themselves, that as time goes by as well they're getting tired of spending time in social media just to waste some time! Because there's a lot of noise and toxic information that is also clutter that many people has to get rid off, but as a result is just taking away people of losing time in media platforms and looking more for information that benefits them! That's just a huge jump of vibrational scale that eventually will provoke that people start empowering themselves, demanding more from them, looking more strategies to heal, and of course that will only have one incredibly powerful result! A collective consciousness that will be finally ready to receive the new generation of people! That will be mindful, that will know themselves internally, that will be able to recognize their value for something more than a pair of shoes, or a nice phone, or a stunning car! The material world is being taken over for a much prolific spiritual world, that will enable people to finally see the eyes of others and connect to a soul level! Finally, we are in the beginning of the society that probably will be as it should have been, we might end up as in the movie of avatar connecting so much with nature, that will become one with it! And creating a heaven on earth that will really be a much more enticing panorama than the one that we were having! So, if suddenly you find yourself being anxious, sad or fearful because you are creating a completely different picture from the one that I am suggesting to you by all that you have already read...just breathe, touch your heart and connect with your most powerful energy waves of coherence that will enlighten you to trust in the unknown, to believe that a new future is being shaped as you read and to embrace your life as the most beautiful gift that you have and to make it your finest piece of art! By Loving yourself, by Trusting yourself and by Being better than you used to be yesterday! #unknown #embrace #new #life #fifth #dimension #design #direction #commit #recognize #appreciate #squeeze #meaning #enjoy #journey #experiences #shift #vibration #innervoice #influence #mind #cognition #shape #empower #inspire #reflect #coherence #energy #intelligence #universe #newera #Ortega #davidortegab


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