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Consciousness: Your Access to a New Life!

What if we start living to what every present moment brings us? Have you ever tried just to breathe, savor and enjoy what is happening in that exact moment?

Through this new awakening of consciousness, we have been faced with so many challenges on how to live a simpler, probably more routinely, but for sure a lot more inward life!

Whether we some days enjoy it, others feel like a replay and some others feel like dragging a heavy weight throughout the day! This is the new reality! One where you will be asked to live a much more internal life, one where you are not going to just enjoy the material comforts but instead you will start enjoying the simplest moments of peace, witnessing nature and being connected with your inner guidance!

After so many years of programming a material life, of thinking that the most amazing pleasures are only in the physical and external things, now we will be trained to live from the inside out, this is just the beginning of mastering the art of going inward and not getting scared, not being judged, not being diminished, having your most surprising journey to the events that have marked your life, being able to break the patterns, to navigate in the limiting beliefs, to become an observer of what has happened with you through this 20,30, 40 years or more!

Isn't that exciting? Doesn't it make you want to have a popcorn bowl or any kind of favorite dessert and be prepared to watch the blockbuster of your life?

Plus, you get to have the remote in your hands, you can replay any scene, you can fast forward some awkward or painful moments, but not without paying attention to what kind of emotions are they waking up in you, because this time the premiere or the multiple times that you will witness your movie is not just for fun! Is also to extract your treasure lessons that will start to make sense of the future events that you want to portrait in your new outlook of your life!

Do you still believe that we are going to live like we used to? Do you still crave 2021 or 2022 so that this "nightmare" ends? Are you consuming all the noise, chaos and turmoil that is being perceived outside?

Nothing or probably some things will resemble to what they used to be! But hopefully, nothing will be like it used to be, because you have changed, because you have decided to take some time to reflect, because you have made some sense out of all this entropic (lack of order) state, it is supposed to be like that! And also by the way it is supposed to have some pain as a side dish so you can pay attention to most important wisdom that is unfolding in from of your eyes!

So many people still want to live in resistance mode, in selfishness, not understanding that everything has been challenged so you demonstrate and finally awaken your most important tools inside of you:

Your Prefrontal Cortex. We are supposed to be a higher species in the planet, yet we're still not really proving it so successfully with all the separation examples, conflicts, ambition, lies, etc. that are being also permeated through every single country and every single government!

Probably, it is because we have been living numbed of the most amazing tool that we have which our problem-solving mind! And that tool is supposed to be used to help you and others around you! To make you more aware of the solutions not to lead you to craving more money and stumbling over billions of people just because you want your investors or yourself to become richer!

If we really use the prefrontal cortex to what it is supposed to be designed, we would be looking to unite us more, to discover the amazing wellness inside of us, to stop depending on chemical manufactured marketing solutions that will only damage every internal organ inside of you!

We should be coming together as families instead of being fighting for politics, COVID recommendations, the global or local economies, or any other topic thrown at you by the media platforms! We should be able to be oblivious of all that noise and pay more attention to circuits of love, compassion, empathy and bonding!

There should be more cooperation among individuals, communities, states, countries to share wisdom, lessons, to design among us a united front to awaken more people and bring it into the consciousness path! Instead of being competing, criticizing, judging, comparing or worst being indifferent!

Your Perception of Reality. Through decades before the concept of reality has been challenged, researched and questioned trying to help us navigate into a much more dynamic truth based on the concept of energy continuum, of being part of a whole system, of having an impact even with the quality of our thoughts and not just being the spectator of our lives!

Your Perception is the one cornerstone to allow you to completely change the outlook of what you're seeing of everything that you're witnessing and look at it as you wanted it to be, not as others want you to believe!

This amazing trait that we also possess as humans give us the chance to practically manufacture a new idea in our minds that will allow you to create a very different type of reality that can start to be the way you wanted! Of course, taking into account that you will have a much more mindful approach and not wish for things to be the way they used to be! Bur being more focused in designing a more reliable, sustainable way of being that can give you a much better emotional resilience that help you navigate whatever might come!

If you really allow some time during these last weeks of this year, you might end up creating a beautiful powerful connection with your inner self to really appreciate many things that you used to take for granted and now you have them! To start paying more attention to the lesson’s nature is giving us constantly and trying to wake us up to see the beautiful surroundings that we have and certainly a lot of the time we force ourselves to believe that we don't have time to appreciate them!

We also have been programmed to believe that we can't change plenty of the internal things that we have within us and we need to create a different external environment in order to really achieve the change that we desire! When in fact it is just completely the opposite you need to begin with the inner side in order to make more beautiful the outside!

Additionally, whenever you engage in that creative process, you'll not only have a different mindset about the things that you want but you will start being able to attract, emanate and become a vortex of the conditions that you need in order to keep the momentum in your life!

As Viktor Frankl exposed in "Man's Search for Meaning" it is your will, it is that inner wish for a higher purpose in your mind the magic bullet that will make you thrive, that will give you a wiser, stronger and deeper sense of resilience! It is not the conditions or the comfort that you might have externally the ones that will sustain your long-term journey!

If inside your mind is full of chains, burden, luggage and turmoil you might have the most perfect exterior conditions and yet end up having suicidal thoughts, wasting your life in some type of addiction or just living a meaningless and lonely life!

The Power of Consciousness. Finally, the last amazing tool that we have as human beings, certainly so often not used at all or used in very specific situations, hence becoming very rusty!

The moment you start really taking seriously the awareness and consciousness of every action that you're performing and apply the power of slow motion, literally stopping time and taking also the right amount of attention to what you do in your life, you will be amazed by all the leverage that you can take!

All the synchronicities that will start happening in your life, just by acknowledging your own inner power that will start awakening a huge level of clarity, you will be able to finally align your purpose with what you're doing in your life! Moreover, you'll be able to enter the field of playing in the universe of possibilities where you get to have the assessment, the control, the inspiration to arrive to that place that you've always wanted!

What happens in the external surroundings will start to vanish from your radar to give you access to a new world where you can rewind, stop, fast forward and edit your life as you own your true creative power to change the direction of your life!

Whatever events, struggles or hardships that you live in the past, now they're just reference points, they're just steps to a ladder of a higher place that you can clearly see and even want to climb higher into that realm of peace, compassion, love and purposeful life!

This is the highlight of doing the work, this is the reward of committing with your own inner power and start practicing meditation, breathing, caring for your body in all aspects, what you eat, how you sleep and the kind of information that you're being exposed to! Now, you get to play in a higher division, now you're little by little escalating your consciousness, you're receiving the rewards and you're constantly motivated to do more, to push harder and to go beyond in that amazing world that you have discovered just because you finally decided to become conscious of the most important person that is you!

It is until you learn how to handle your life that you can be able to role model for others the path, it is until you create the circumstances, the surroundings, you let the waters of your life to become crystal clear that you will be able to arrive faster, calmer and of course more abundantly to the top of your life!

Let's be courageous about this new path that we are being invited to live, let's leave behind the era of unconsciousness, division, selfishness, and embrace the new era that is being unfolded to us with the amazing possibilities of repairing the damage that we have caused to our Mother Earth and all the other living beings that cohabitate with us! After all, we all share the same energy, the same space and we all have the same rights to enjoy a peaceful, compassionate, loving and fruitful experience in this physical realm!


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