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COVID Experience, Symptoms, Rituals and Lessons!

In a world where practically 80% of the conversations surface the lockdown experience, the restrictions, the effects, the symptoms and a huge number of contradictions, lies and experiencing the long-term effects, there's a ray of light, wisdom and lessons encapsulated in the whole journey of healing from this disease!

It all begins by clarifying that this disease is a multi-organ damaging virus that was completely designed, fabricated and tested to verify the damage and the collateral symptoms associated with the failure of each of the organs that is attacking.

Beginning from the big variety of symptoms that each person has:

- Cough;

- Shortness of breath (dyspnea);

- Headache;

- Nausea;

- Diarrhea;

- Dizziness;

- Rash;

- Body pain muscles, joints, hair, skin (extremely high);

- Back pain;

- Kidney demand;

- Liver demand;

- Damage to the lungs;

- Loss of appetite;

- Loss of smell and taste;

- Fever or chills;

- Sore throat;

- Congested or runny nose;

- Eyes burning or tired.

As you can see and verify from this huge list no nature disease would be able to cause this variety of symptoms that practically demands all your energy and mood regulation towards feeling better!

Through the disease one of the most challenging phases, that of course will enhance or deteriorate your health is the ability to cope with your emotional regulation, just by reading the list above of the majority of symptoms and for sure there's more evidence from sick people that will add even more options to them you can imagine that maintaining a good mood, hope or the idea that you will better!

Truthfully there are some days that your body really seems to be overwhelmed and all you can do is being laid down and if you happened to be a more conscious or spiritual person you will have the support of meditating, listening to empowering content or if you have some more energy journal about something that enlightens your day!

There's a mix of emotions, expectations, and discussions around this disease that has created what this people (puppeteers) wanted, first the massive death of weak or elderly, which of course from their standpoint they're just draining the health system and not producing or having a brighter future in terms of what they plan!

Second, creating irrational and incongruent measures of lockdown, or safety protocols that at certain point fail to be compliant with the spread of the virus! Not using real science to support or justify any of the measures, using arguments that can show that the purpose behind is an agenda to implement their "new artificial society".

Third, implementing new vaccines that will keep raising the wealth of the pharmaceutical mafia that in this case they released vaccines unethically rushed without even doing a shorter trial in animals to measure the side effects that now are being reported in humans not through the mainstream media but in alternative sources or risking the job and income source of many responsible people that is creating valuable, science and researched content but that doesn't meet the guidelines of the mainstream controlled media!

And these are just the peak of the iceberg measures, that are damaging the whole world whether you were healthy at some point in your life, whether you had a successful small or medium size business or not!

All the side effects of the lockdown measures, lies, incongruence and forced impositions are spiking the mental disease burden, raising many of the chronic illnesses and producing a weak bubble society that is losing many of the skills, abilities and joy of life!

It's not a surprise that all this turmoil also is hitting one of the most promising groups of human beings our children, many of them all over the world are being taking away their freedom to play, to socialize, to experience life at its fullest just because these puppeteers are ambitiously sick and they believe they can have the control of the world by imposing things and killing people!

Nevertheless, under all this drama, chaos, catharsis and turmoil there's a silver lining that hopefully if you got this far in the reading experience, you'll be able to reflect on!

The lessons, rituals and learnings about you that you can experience whether you curse the disease or you're just continuing with your life under these new normal circumstances are:

To begin with, the level of sensory and intuition that you can develop from the disease can be enlightening, if you start raising your observation abilities that will create a much higher perception of the symptoms and how each of them is the wisest repertoire of your body's wisdom to fight the disease, the fever, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, cough, stuffy or runny nose all are ways of your body to expel the virus from your body! Hence, you should endure, be grateful and let many of these symptoms do its job of course as long as you're not having a critical condition that will be reflected in your oxygen levels! Which should always be maintained above 90!

The other symptoms such as dizziness, loss of smell, taste and appetite, extreme fatigue and headaches are collateral symptoms due to the immune system's defense such as the cascade of cytokines, interleukins and anti-inflammatory messengers that are also performing their patrolling job throughout your body!

Appreciating, having a gratitude mindset, amid the draining symptoms, and of course focusing on the expectation that you will get better as time goes by, not only eases the job of your body, but it also enhances your mood, raises your emotions and keeps your immune system ready and able to keep fighting the virus and giving you back your health as soon as possible!

Empathizing with other people that are also suffering the disease, vaccine symptoms or lockdown consequences is something that is also part of the journey as you become more sensitive, emotional and bonded with them in spirit!

Reflecting and cherishing all the simple things that you're able to do as you alleviate from the symptoms gives you a different perspective of life that definitely changes your concept of health, your body gratitude messages and the future that you start to envisioning!

The pause, stillness, and slow return to your normal activities starts to pay off as you really can handle just a small percentage of your multiple activities or chores, but now you do it with a different way of seeing the things, really appreciating the moment, the energy to do it and the purpose of every single experience!

Without sounding disrespectful or judgmental, if after cursing this disease you don't change the way you appreciate your life! Definitely you will keep attracting more and more challenging experience until you understand that the simplest way of living is enjoying, being grateful for your life and contributing to raise your vibrations to expand the ripple effect!

Moreover, there's also the long-term effects of the disease or the lockdown or the vaccine! Which can do two things inside of you! Give you more strength, wisdom and self-knowledge of you or can just keep you in the loop of anxiety or depression!

Always remember that you have the choice! If you choose to learn, to listen and to respect your body and mind's wisdom then you definitely will start transforming yourself in a more objective, reflective and wiser person that will listen more to your inner truth and voice, that will give the advantage and connection that you lost long before with the distractions!

Now, you know all the biased information, the lies, the disguises of the puppeteers to try to penetrate your mind and keep programming towards feeling disempowered! Thus, step by step in very small hints and dosages you will become your own expert, healer and motivation to drive your future into the vision that you desire!

Finally, this new era and society that will be stronger and more resilient for the ones that have decided to take advantage of it, have compromised with themselves to really change and evolve will definitely breed, replicate and expand a much conscious, spiritual and unified race of human beings that optimistically in the future we'll be able to overturn all the damage that we have cause to our mother earth!

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