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The Five Lessons That Can Change Your 2021

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Ending a challenging year and beginning a new one doesn’t have to be just something that leaves with a sour taste in spite of the things that externally might have happened. Throughout this last year you realized that being part of the majority and living in an automatic mode only reacting, pushes you to the extremes of feeling that you have no control of yourself and that you depend on what others want to do with their lives.

That if you are only in tune in to reacting, then surely you will arrive faster at the destination that we all have and that even the word scares you, since we all have an expiration date that nobody knows when it will be, but surely if you have goals, plans, you have an inherent will to live, surely that dreadful date will not be soon for you, because your will to live and still accomplish you’re your plans exceeds the chaotic energy that can exist in the environment.

Still, you also learn that being prepared does not mean thinking that you will cease to exist but it means leaving everything in order and being at peace that you are leaving your loved ones protected and you have cared to give them even more than your physical existence for them.

Hence, some of the lessons that you can start appreciating and applying for this 2021 and that can give you leverage throughout this next challenge are:

Lesson 1. "Enjoy your present to the fullest because it is the only thing you have"

Even if that phrase or lessons sounds popular or very used in many platforms now, you’re really understanding the deep meaning that it has within. Living more in your present is the only thing that will make you enjoy every moment to the fullest, learning from the past and polishing your present.

The only way to really improve your future is by acting better today, by being better than yesterday, by letting go of what hasn't come out as you expected, but keeping a learning mindset from each of the important events in your life.

That the most precious thing is what you take with you as experiences, everything else stays here. That the people you get to touch with your example, with what you believe, with what you share and with what you do for others is also a way to transcend in your life.

Living remembering your good times will give you moments of pleasure but can also keep you anchored to pain, melancholy and trying to change the present moment without any success. Instead, just rejoice on those moments as a way to fuel the moment you’re about to live and make it even more memorable to make it part of those treasured moments,

That living worried about what will happen only distracts you from the important decisions you can make today!

Every crisis has its own content of wisdom that will allow you to transcend, to grow, to become stronger and take all the nuggets of knowledge and lessons that come with it! It is an intrinsic part of growing and beating the obstacles that are inside of it will really allow you to know yourself better and to expand into the best self that is within you!

Lesson 2. "The only thing you can control is within you"

From the first few weeks that you were in lockdown due to the pandemic, you could realize that everything that is outside, the noise, news, rumors, speculations, contradictions does not keep you informed but stressed.

You understood that simply focusing your mind on the essentials of that type of "information" is what you need, everything else is empty and is just designed to trigger your emotions.

You learned that when you reflect, when you let peace reach to your heart, when you keep a focus on what really matters to you, on what you are feeling, on why you are feeling those types of emotions, it makes you dissolve all the negative effect that those external cues could have produced inside of you! And you can be more readily available to pick up the meaning of those feelings, taking the positive of each one of them.

That learning about yourself, all your inner qualities, to calm that primitive mind that only reacts, to question your emotional brain and find out a little more why you feel that way is what will help you to control more how those externally triggered emotions make you feel, giving you the enormous ability to regulate more your inner state which is the only thing that really is in your power to control.

We’re still in the process of adapting to this new way of living and certainly is not easy, but I’m sure that throughout this time you have been able to witness many abilities, adaptive qualities, knowledge and actions that you were surprised to see, all those amazing surprises are just a glimpse of what is hidden inside of you and the things that you can accomplish if you let the reflection power to guide you through more of those behaviors that you want to foster and keep for your new version.

Lesson 3. "You are stronger, more capable and more intelligent than you thought"

The only thing that does not kill you makes you stronger, crises drive, awake and spark your creativity and intelligence to adapt to the environment. Now, you have also been able to prove that what you think of yourself is what matters most, that the challenges in your life represent those tests that will lead you to being a better version of yourself.

Without obstacles, without challenges we simply keep living in the comfort zone that we were used to be, which was the whole point of how this disruptive stage was achieve, there was too much turmoil, uncontrolled emotions, thoughts and unconscious actions that as a result started to produce this chaotic state that we are now witnessing. In the end all of these events are just simple physics, of an entire bunch of vibrational karma that has been building up for several decades and for sure we thought there was not going to be any consequence. But, hopefully now with this time of reflection more and more people will start to awake to control themselves more and stop living mindlessly and just in a survival, egoistic state and will start to care more first for their own wellbeing but not as separate individuals but as part of a community where if you do your part you will certainly have a positive impact in the ones around you.

You have been given an opportunity to test your independence, your free will without being so pulled by everything external and learn to isolate more, trust in your gut feelings and discover the amazing neural plasticity that you have to experience a new life. A life that can be inspired by what you decide to believe in, what you chose to install as part of your rituals to demonstrate that you really love yourself and that you’re capable of a lot more than what you have been doing!

Lesson 4. "All the people you share this physical space with are connected with you"

I hope you have also integrated the “aha” moments that all the energy you emanate has an impact on others, that what you think, say, do, how you take care of yourself, will also create an energy field that others will follow or that can balance negativity from other people.

That embracing your own responsibility to ensure that others do not have to bear the consequences of what you did not do, is the least you can do, that your health is ultimately impacting what others have access to, having a better medical care system is also your responsibility, having children just to simply comply with a tradition or think that is the only way to transcend or to be accompanied, or to give your parents what they wanted so much, is not really being responsible that the resources in this planet right now need a break, need to start refueling all the damage that we ourselves have been inflicting through several decades.

That it is also your responsibility to develop a better generation and allow it to really have a positive impact in this world by creating consciousness, by educating them to know that everything they’re deciding does matter and will matter in the near future.

Start giving them the tools that now you know they’re available to know themselves, helping them to design a life where they know to identify what they feel, what they want and what they need in order to make them more introspective and not just reactive to what others want, let alone to the impact that media platforms are trying to take the attention of everyone.

Training them to be awake, conscious and adaptive to the new circumstances that are starting to develop in this new stage of the world that for sure will require a different set of cognitive and emotional skills.

Lesson 5. "You can be better than you were yesterday"

What if you allow yourself to change, compare and compete with what you can improve in yourself to continue growing, to continue living in this physical experience, adopting a mindset of a student of life.

That following a path of growth with expectations is what will keep you focused on your present, inspired by your future and cultivated by your past.

When change is taken as a small dosages of knowledge, information and wisdom then you can make transform it as a long-term commitment, making it more effective, integrated and easily available to give you a different self that is endlessly evolving, creating more awareness in you and having an exponential increment with the passing time, with the different time frames, designing a new more adaptive growing experience that will be the source of your confidence, inspiration and progress to develop your purpose in your whole lifetime.

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